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Cruel Hearts Exclusive Trailer Debut

By Chris Gore | October 22, 2018

Writer/director Paul Osborne has the heart of an indie filmmaker. The prolific filmmaker is also behind the beloved documentary Official Rejection, a must-see, in our opinion). His latest is Cruel Hearts and we have the exclusive trailer.

After giving this teaser a look, read Paul’s director’s statement for insight into the mind of one of indie film’s under-appreciated brilliant creatives. Cruel Hearts comes to theaters in limited release and on VOD in 2019.

Paul Osborne Director’s Statement

I grew up on the cinema of the 70’s, when the old studio system faded away and for a brief time artists were able to break ground and tell unusual, genre-defying character-driven stories thru the mechanism of mainstream Hollywood. These were movies that leaned into the personal, embraced an emotional realism and explored new narrative forms and ideas. And, as an adult, these became the kinds of films I wanted to make.

Cruel Hearts is, on its surface, a crime thriller, but the genre trappings are used to explore the frailties of marriage. Leaning on film noir as a device to dissect loyalty, communication and fidelity, we take these universal issues every romantic couple faces and march them one step away from the harsh light of reality, safely creating enough distance to keep them personal without making viewers feel directly vulnerable. The gangster’s spouse is having an affair, after all, not ours. By not hitting quite so close to home, we can show the audience something significant and cut a little deeper.

Cruel Hearts isn’t propelled by flash; it’s intricately plotted and character driven, made possible by a creative freedom that now seems nearly the exclusive domain of independent films. We didn’t set out to make a movie that competes with what the studios are releasing today. Rather, we wanted to create something different, something that satisfies the itch left unscratched by the mid-budget dramas that are no longer getting made. CGI and other digital workflows have made it possible for Hollywood to realize any visual it can dream up, but there are no technical innovations that shortcut good writing and acting. To me, that’s where the best movies live, and that’s where we’ve put our efforts.

Cruel Hearts is what today’s independent cinema is all about.

Paul Osborne
Director, Cruel Hearts

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  1. Jerry Olson says:

    Looks like an amazing thriller! I cant wait to who flips their switch.

  2. Dr Lee Eddowes says:

    Awaiting the final cut! The trailer looks intriguing and a scene setter.

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