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Benedict Arnold: Hero Betrayed Challenges What We Learned

By Chris Gore | May 21, 2018

Talon Films is near completion of their assumption challenging documentary Benedict Arnold: Hero Betrayed about Benedict Arnold and the Northern Campaigns of the American Revolution. Starring Peter O’Meara, from the critically acclaimed Steven Spielberg series Band of Brothers, it tackles one of the most compelling, misunderstood and reviled characters in all of American history—a man whose very name is synonymous with treason.

This film reassesses Arnold’s life and examines why he turned against the Patriot cause by asking a fundamental and profound question of the audience: Did Benedict Arnold betray his country or did his country betray him?

Shot in Super16 film with a cast of thousands of actors and extras, the film includes contributions from some of the foremost historians and authors on American history.

The film is nearly complete and the production team is hoping to raise the remaining $40,000 for post-production and delivery to distribution. They have created a GoFundMe page to help the project get over the finish line. More about the funding effort and how to donate may be found here

To learn more about the film and this particular take on American History click here or follow on FaceBook here.

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    with turn and jhon adams do[ng so well this story should also be made things like this are important for people to see
    William pellechio


    considering turn and jhon adams were so well recived this should be as well and is important progams like this are made wm pellechio

  3. Art Swenson says:

    I lived “at” saratoga battlefield, walked my Dog to visit the only monument for Arnold. Aaron Burr was with him in Canada. How is he played?

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