Ben is Dead 30 Year Anniversary Party & Zine Fest Image

Sure, Bananas and Dynamite magazine were cool when you were a little kid. But if you grew up in the 90s in Los Angeles, then perhaps you remember one of the all-time great print pubs of that era…

Ben is Dead was the alternative pop culture enema the culture needed at the time. The magazine skewered sacred cows and had a sense of humor that was so needed at the time (and seems to be lost in magazines today). You might say that Film Threat magazine had a crush on Ben is Dead back in the 90s and might have even passed a note along to the editors with a checkbox that read: Do you like me? Check Yes or No.

The original founders led by Darby Romeo are putting on a special BEN IS DEAD 30 Year Anniversary Party & Zine Fest on Sunday, November 11 at 2PM at the Echo in Los Angeles. Special guest bands include Skatenigs, Savage Republic, Midget Handjob, Popdefect, Waco, Hepa-Titus, JFA, 11:11 (ex-Fluorescein), Poppy Jean Crawford, P***y Cow, Superbean, Glen Meadmore and the Kuntry Band, John Trubee, Leyna M. Papach (ex-Geraldine Fibbers), and more surprise guests.

Film Threat will be there to support and you can get tickets here.

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