Animation First French Film Fest Brings Erotic Shorts To NY Image

French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) presents a trailer for the opening night of its Animation First, the first French animation festival in the U.S.: Feb. 2-4 at FIAF in New York. Among other animated delights FIAF offers adult fare in the Erotic Animated Shorts. These films remind you that animation is not just for children but can be sensual, erotic, naughty, poetic, or risqué. These fanciful and unconventional shorts celebrate passion, desire and fantasies.

Animation First presents ambitious, innovative, and award-winning animated feature and short films, virtual reality, video games, and more. The festival features special screenings and events for all ages, with 3D animation, works in progress, interactive workshops on drawing and sound effects, gaming demonstrations, and panel discussions with leading artists and studio executives. The festival will present a preview of Terry Gilliam and Tim Ollive’s latest project 1884: Yesterday’s Future; a rare Q&A and presentation of Oscar-nominated The Red Turtle and the US Premiere of En sortant de l’école, a collection of animated short films inspired by the poems of surrealist author Robert Desnos.

BUT screw all that, you want to know what the erotic animated short films are:

  • Tempête dans une chambre à coucher (Storm in a Bedroom), Laurence Arcadias, Juliette Marchand, 2011. 11 min. No dialogue.
  • Braise (Ember), Hugo Frassetto, 2012. 7 min. In French with English Subtitles.
  • Tram (Tram), Michaela Pavlátová, 2012. 7 min. No dialogue.
  • Des câlins dans les cuisines (Cuddles in the kitchens). Sébastien Laudenbach, 2004. 8 min. No dialogue.
  • Daphné ou la belle plante (Daphné or the good-looking girl), Sylvain Derosne, Sébastien Laudenbach, 2015. 15 min. In French with English Subtitles.
  • Fol’Amor (Fol’Amor), Augustin Clermont, Gilles Cortella, 2013. 2 min. No dialogue
  • Qui j’ose aimer (Who to Love), Laurence Deydier Hugo Frassetto, 2015. 7 min. No dialogue.
  • Chaud Lapin (H***y Evil), Flora Andrivon, Soline Bejuy, Maël Berreur, 2014. 5 min. No dialogue.
  • Shéhérazade (Sheherazade), Florence Miailhe, 1993. 16 min. In French with English Subtitles.
Full details of the festival here, including schedule and descriptions of all films and events.

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