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By Film Threat Staff | August 15, 2002

Beginning in September, Razor3D and X3D Technologies will be releasing 3D versions of classic films to DVD. The first two films out of the gate will be “Night of the Living Dead” and “To Kill a Mockingbird”.
The technology works like this – alternate line stereoscopic images reformat the right and left images so that they are interleaved on a line-by-line basis on screen (spatial). Each line alternates between the right and left image. This method is supported by the X3D shutter glasses. The shutter glasses have high-speed electronic shutters (made with Liquid Crystal material), which open and close in sync with the images on the monitor. While the left view is displayed, the shutter glasses block the view of the right eye. When the right view is displayed, the shutter glasses switch and block the left eye view. This happens so quickly that the mind cannot decipher the two separate images and as a result, they appear as one full-stereo view.
So what you should be seeing with these new DVD editions is kinda like what you would see in a Viewmaster stereoscopic image – the images will have more depth to them.
Future films to be released will include movies from all genres – horror, action, scifi, B-monster, detective and family. Bruce Lee’s “Chinese Connection” will follow “Night of the Living Dead” and “To Kill a Mockingbird”.
“We’ve started with movies that are popular with diverse audiences,” said Ryan Oto, Marketing Director of Razor3D. “By converting these well-known titles to 3D, we create an entirely new entertainment experience for both first-time and repeat viewers.”
“Night of the Living Dead” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” will be available September 20th. All twenty 3D titles in DVD format will be available by spring of 2003. The suggested retail price of the DVDs will be $19.95.
Now of course, you realize that you’ll need to buy the equipment separately in order to properly view these DVDs. Basically what you’ll need is a pair or two of glasses and a transmitter that connects easily to your television.
Different 3D equipment packages are available at the Razor3D website, so check it out.

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