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By Chris Parcellin | August 11, 2003

As any aspiring screenwriter knows, with the gigantic volume of scripts out there—it’s nothing short of a miracle for an unknown writer to get his or her project noticed by Hollywood producers. But then to actually get the green light to take the work from the printed page to the silver screen–with established stars in the pivotal roles–is a whole other ultra-rare level of hitting the cinematic jackpot.

Cheri Lovedog had been toiling away for years in Los Angeles in her tattoo parlor and with her band Lovedog, when she came up with the idea for the autobiographical play Prey For Rock and Roll. The play turned out to be the first step in Lovedog’s and the script’s road to success as she was given the opportunity to take the production to New York and stage it at the fabled punk dive CBGB’s with director Robin Whitehouse. The play generated “buzz” in Gotham City and pretty soon indie film producer Donovan Mannato was approaching Lovedog about turning Prey into a feature film.

Lovedog got to adapt the original work into the screenplay herself, as well as having her original songs used for the film. Alex Steyermark was brought in to direct and the cast included Gina Gershon, Drea de Matteo (“The Sopranos”) and Lori Petty (“Tank Girl”). (Joan Jett was also set to take part initially, but according to Lovedog, the leather-clad rocker stomped off the production angrily at some point.) The finished film was included in the 2003 Sundance Festival and received strong notices. Prey should be released theatrically later this year.

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