Mention the idea of a documentary on backyard wrestling and its underground stars and suddenly the aroma of a freshly wrecked train tickles your nose. You want blood, sweat and plenty of wrasslin’ sans the tights? Welcome to The Backyard.

Paul Hough’s documentary knocks down the fences of many of these backyards, turned into battling arenas, and rubs our noses in the bloody barbed wire and light bulb shards. If watching this film sounds like a brutal undertaking, it should, because it is. But it’s an undertaking that festival audiences all over the world haven’t been able to deny. And now, The Backyard is getting a limited theatrical release, kicking off at New York’s Cinema Village on August 29th.

We got the chance to speak with Paul Hough about the world of backyard wrestling.

Get the interview in part two of PAUL HOUGH’S BACKYARD BASH>>>

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