Originally setting out for a career behind the camera, Jasi Cotton Lanier was tricked into a screen test on the set of “Freakshow” by director Paul Talbot. Jasi landed a part in the film, but she remained focused on her studies, graduating with a BA in Media Arts from the University of South Carolina.

But shortly after graduating from college, a bikini contest made sure that all eyes were on her once again and she wound up landing a two-year contract with a Florida based modeling agency. After modeling for a couple of years, Jasi settled in New York where she began studying acting and Karate.

Finding that she liked the physical end of acting, Jasi decided to pursue a career as a stuntwoman, appearing in over 15 indies, including “Hellblock 13” and The Toxic Avenger IV. But it doesn’t just stop there. If you’re any kind of pop culture fan, you’ve more than likely laid eyes upon Jasi one way or another…find out how.

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