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By Chris Parcellin | August 16, 2004

Let’s not kid ourselves; young actresses in Hollywood tend to get no respect. Especially ones who exude the outrageous sex-kittenish glamour of a Heather Ashley. The shapely, blonde 23 year-old says she’s had to contend with “slime” already in her young career and that she’s ready to deal with more of it if need be. And that includes affronts from famous film director type punks like Jon Favreau who proved a tad unfriendly when Ashley greeted him during the shooting of one of her films. Ashley says she’s unaccustomed to being treated like an autograph hound/ leper, and who the heck can blame her?

Before wandering in the rarified air of Favreau-style snubs, Ashley started life as many B-movie actresses do, as a skinny, nerdy outcast who found no solace until she stumbled upon a local theater program while attending a hellish all-girls high school. She also began her transformation into a knockout by investing in contact lenses and a gym membership to get her body up to snuff so her snotty classmates would treat her with some respect. It worked, and soon the vivacious blonde was a real head-turner.

The actress says that her short-term goals include appearing as a regular on a major daytime soap opera, and then launching a big-time movie career that follows the trajectory of another blonde who many people initially dismissed, Goldie Hawn. Ashley has a likeable no-bullshit attitude, and combined with her dazzling looks and seemingly relentless determination to make a dent in showbiz—she seems to have big things ahead of her.

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