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Chelsea Peretti and Andrea Dorfman Tell Us All About Spinster

By Lorry Kikta | August 12, 2020

I loved Andrea Dorfman’s film, Spinster. It focuses on the life of 39-year-old Gaby, played by Chelsea Peretti, who turns her life around and starts following her dreams to own a restaurant before her 40th birthday. It puts emphasis on an unconventional life-path for a woman, which is one that doesn’t include kids and marriage in the endgame. Canadian director Andrea Dorfman creates a wonderful world where a woman can do whatever she wants, and I think there should be many more movies that follow the same ideology. I was more than happy to talk to both Dorfman and Peretti about Spinster, climate change, Phyllis Diller, and more. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed talking to both of these wonderful, funny, inspiring women.

I’m glad you did because I can see no one else in the role, but what made you choose Chelsea to play Gaby, and also what do you look for in actors generally when you’re casting?
Andrea Dorfman: Oh, that’s a good question. Nobody asks that question. Although everyone has been asking me, “Why Chelsea?”

Chelsea Peretti: WHY?

Andrea: I had not seen Brooklyn 99, I saw Chelsea’s stand-up special that was on Netflix, and I loved what Chelsea had to say. I loved her politics, her attitude. I loved the content and her presence. You know, it’s funny, because I think you get a sense of somebody as a person when they’re doing stand-up versus acting in other material. So, I really just liked her and liked what Chelsea had to say, so that was the impetus. It was during the time I was thinking about actors to cast. From there, I went and watched Brooklyn 99 and saw how hilarious the role was and I loved that as well, but it’s funny because everybody says “Oh, you must’ve loved Brooklyn 99!” but it wasn’t what drew me to Chelsea in the first place, it was that special. I had also watched, from years before, (because I do watch a lot of stand-up) some pieces that Chelsea made. I think I told you, Chelsea, from years ago where you walk around New York and talk to people.

Chelsea: Oh yeah, those were huge for me because those were the first time I got to have a budget and do my own vision.

Andrea: I loved those. I think the reason that I came to them is that I saw you on that Louis CK show, around that time. So I feel like Brooklyn 99 was the last thing I saw of yours.

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