Elijah Wood, Timpson, and McHattie Want You to Come to Daddy Image

No, if I were an actor and I read this script, I’d be like, “YES, I WILL DO IT!”

Elijah Wood: Oh yeah, I was honored and also nervous because I understood where it was coming from and the emotional significance for Ant and his own experience with his father. There’s a real emotional journey that Norville goes through, and that was intimidating, and I just wanted to make sure I delivered on that.

Ant Timpson: Yeah, on day one, I talked to Elijah, and I said “No pressure, but my dad’s entire death and legacy rest on this (everyone laughs) so can you knock it out of the park for me, please. So that’s how we started.

Do you ever base your characters on people that you know?

Elijah Wood: I don’t know if I do that and if I have, it’s maybe unintentional.

Stephen McHattie: I do it, but it’s not like I do it, you know. Images come up that are similar. When you’re working on a part and trying to figure out what you’re going to do and then people from your past, people you’ve known…appear.

When you’re working on a part…people from your past, people you’ve known…appear.”

I feel like I know about 7 million of those people who live in this city.

Elijah: Yeah, we’ve all met people like that. I’m in the Dj world a little bit, not that scene that Norville is involved in, but yeah, there’s a lot of pretentious people.

I think everybody Djs at this point, because I also dj..but yeah, that and the haircut..oh my god, that haircut.

Elijah: the entry point for Norville, I think, for me…that made my job easier at least for the initial establishment of who he is when we first see them is the wardrobe and the hair. The sort of physical presence of him and putting all that on is so not me. It was very helpful in transporting me to be this person.

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