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Which Aquaman Character Are You?

By Chris Gore | November 22, 2018

Aquaman has always been the butt of the joke for a lot of comic and movie fans, ever since he was featured on the Super Friends cartoon in the 1960’s and came across as being rather ineffectual compared to his compatriots. Through the years since then he’s never managed to truly shake the stigma, no matter how DC has tried to re-invent him. At least not until the recent Justice League movie where, played by Jason Momoa, he was shown as a more playful figure who enjoyed being a hero and was ready to get a bit rough and ready with his opponents. This cooler look at the King of the Seas was enough to land him his own movie, but with the Justice League movie a flop it’d be understandable if viewers were a bit wary.

The Aquaman movie tells the story of how Arthur Curry came to be the King of Atlantis, with help from the mysterious Mera, he travels the globe gathering items before he can confront his brother, Orm the Oceanmaster whose poised to declare war on the surface world for their actions to the sea. Torn between both worlds, Aquaman will have to face his brother as well as the sinister Black Manta, a mercenary who chases him across the globe and is after his head.

As with most major releases, there are a few cool tie in products like the bobble-heads, the hoodies and in this instance a cool slot game that you’ll be able to find on major websites like bonus bez depozytu. But to get you excited about the movie before it launches, we have a quiz! Want to know which member of the Aquaman cast you’re most like? Just answer a few questions and see what result you get, you might be surprised!

Head on over to PlayBuzz and take this quick quiz to learn…

Which Aquaman Character Are You?


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