What do Ocean’s Eleven, Last Vegas and Miss Congeniality have in common? Image

What do Ocean’s Eleven, Last Vegas and Miss Congeniality have in common?

By Film Threat Staff | March 26, 2024

When it comes to casino games, there’s no getting away from the fact that slots are the powerhouse. These are the most popular games around, and nothing else even comes close. In real life, these casino fixtures have captivated players for decades, but they have also played a major role in the world of film. With the big screen, slots aren’t there as mere background noise. Instead, they are included as a pivotal part of the plot.

Why is Hollywood Drawn to Slots?

Before we delve in and look at the top 3 movies, it’s worth considering why movies include slots in the first place. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, slots are universally recognized, and their appearance transports an audience to the heart of the world of casinos. Slots can also be used to inject humor and suspense in equal measure. Then there’s the range of titles to consider. No matter what impact a director is trying to have, there is a slot title to suit. Whether it’s a basic one-armed bandit or a feature-rich title, such as Bigger Bass Bonanza, there’s a slot to fit into the theme of the movie.

With that in mind, let’s get on and take a look at the films where slots have really mattered.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

This is a stylish heist film, with George Clooney taking center stage. Whereas viewers may expect some elaborate plan to breach security in the casino, instead the plot revolves around a major slot win. This acts as a distraction to let the team move, and the heist would never have been without this great touch.

Last Vegas (2013)

This is a hilarious comedy that features big names such as Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, and Kevin Kline. This group of veterans come back together to relive a bachelor party in Las Vegas. The film sees the group enjoying a range of slots and there is a great mix of ups and downs, with plenty of humor.

Miss Congeniality (2000)

This action-comedy stars Sandra Bullock as the character Gracie Hart. Her part is that of an undercover FBI agent who is trying to infiltrate a beauty contest. One great scene sees Gracie in a casino, as she tries to blend in with the rest of the contestants. With a host of casino games around them, it’s the presence of slots that brings the feel of realism to the scene as these are the games that we all recognize.

These three films highlight the diverse ways that slot machines can be used in film. They are great examples of what the presence of slots can add to a machine. From building a plot to adding humor and even a dose of reality, these games bring so much to movies that we all know and love. Next time you find yourself watching a movie, keep your eye out should there be a casino scene. You may be surprised by the role that any slot may play.

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