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Top 5 Movies All Gamblers Would Like

By Film Threat Staff | August 4, 2021

The movie library is full of movies with gambling genres. However, few of these movies have made the limelight. Regardless, the few ones making waves are excellent and a must-watch for every gambler. They depict gambling lessons, warnings, and probably valuable strategies to enhance gamblers’ overall winning and gaming experience.

These films are not all recent movies. Some can be traced to the late 19th century, while some are from the 20th century. You shouldn’t find it surprising that two of these movies have received the Oscar Award. Also, the top 5 movies gamblers would like are not necessarily produced in countries that are notable for gambling. It is doubtful if Ireland’s movie library may preserve any of these movies. However, you can find a casino for real money on IrishCasinoHEX, where the lessons and strategies in the top 5 movies will be helpful. Especially if you’re a Canadian online gambling

Looking for a place to find these movies? Be rest assured of getting them on YouTube, Netflix, and similar movies platforms. Below is a list of 5 movies all gamblers should watch;


Casino is a movie written by Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro in 1995. Before the Casino, both had teamed up to release a movie called Goodfellas. The film was directed by their usual director, Martin Scorsese. Casino is arguably the most popular casino movie a gambler should watch.

Obviously, the theme of the movie revolves around money, power, deception, and murder. Las Vegas was the setting, and it explicitly featured casino gaming. It might become difficult to identify if the theme of the movie is gambling or not. A gambler can learn one or two lessons about gambling in this movie.

The Sting

The Sting is a movie released far back as 1973. The movie is produced by the duo of Robert Redford and Paul Newman, who also acted as the main characters. The exceptionality of the movie cannot be overemphasized. As a result, “the Sting” was awarded The Oscar Best Picture in the year 1973.

Gambling and casinos activities are the themes of the film. Regular poker betting and off-track gambling are also scenes in the movie. The Sting is full of suspense and twists in all scenes. Every gambler will be entertained and learn more at the same time seeing the movie.

High Roller

The movie High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story is a must-watch movie for gamblers. “High Roller” and “Stuey” among other titles, have been given to the film in different countries. It was written and produced in the year 2003 by A.W. Vidmer. It was his first movie, and it was a perfectly crafted one.

The movie features a man known as Stu Ungar, who was addicted to gambling and drugs. However, he discovered this habit because he was intelligent and had a unique poker playing ability. The movie is both entertaining and educational to gamblers.

Molly’s Game

Molly’s Game is an exciting and blockbuster movie with a gambling theme. The movie was written and directed by Aaron Sorkin in the year 2017. Jessica Chastain, a female, took the lead role, and that is one unique point about a supposedly gamblers’ movie. In the supporting role is the movie star, Idris Elba. 

Molly’s game featured Molly Bloom, who operates an underground casino club for wealthy men. The setting of the movie in Las Vegas and New York City. Many websites considered the movie to be world-class, and it is a must-watch for all gamblers.


Twenty-One premiered in the year 2008 when online gambling started making waves. The movie is based on the book ‘Bringing Down The House’. It is about a math professor, Micky Rosa, who taught six MIT students the tactics behind the blackjack game. The student consequently became experts and won millions from the Las Vegas casino.

The twenty-One movie storyline features betrayal, pleasure, and tricks. It is entertaining, educational, and a must-watch for all gamblers.

Movies have a way of registering an unforgettable experience in the mind of people. Learning can be faster when it involves a visual representation—as such, learning more about the act and ethics of gambling through movies is a good idea. Some movies are incredibly crafted with gambling themes. Such movies will not only entertain but also educate the gambler. Our top 5 picks have the qualities to entertain and educate gamblers. 

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