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Want to go to a film school and carve a niche for yourself in this highly competitive industry? Well, many film schools require applicants to submit a lot of documents, which can include a portfolio before the stipulated deadline. For international students, the documents may be required to be notarized. Apart from sending transcripts and test scores, some schools will even require students to pass an interview before they can get that admission letter.

The popularity of venturing into the film industry has increased, such that in 2017 alone, over 7,000 students graduated with a degree in cinematography and film production, and over 2 million people are working in this industry.

Such a high number of graduates shows that the job market is also highly competitive. However, the film industry in the US generated a revenue of $43.4 billion in 2017 and is projected to reach $47 billion by 2022. Besides, the film industry workforce is also one of the fastest-growing sectors providing wages of around $7.8 billion, whereby an average worker in the film industry earns $84,000 in a year. One of the issues covered in movies is education.

Are you a firm believer that learning can also take place by watching great films? Many issues in school are worth discussing, and movies are great for conveying a particular educative message. To help you get started, here are the top five films about education.

Dead Poets Society

Did you know that a teacher can motivate a student to learn? Well, in Dead Poets Society, a teacher uses poetry to inspire his students. Some of the top pillars of education, such as excellence, discipline, and honor, are covered in this film.

Robin Williams, who plays the character of an unorthodox teacher, uses learning to open student’s minds so that they can stand up for what they wanted or what they are passionate about.

In real life, students have the option to access paper writing service, an action that most educators consider unethical. However, in Dead Poets Society, the weight of obligation on the student, which is a predominant issue even in today’s modern schools, is brought out in the film.

Freedom Writers

This film is based on the true story of Erin Gruwell, and it’s about a teacher who motivates students to pursue education beyond high school. Issues that most students face, such as diversity, ethnicity, surviving a holocaust, and teenage identity, are also portrayed in the movie. Through the film, viewers are educated on how teenagers use a diary as a tool for expressing what they are feeling and the problems they encounter.

Dangerous Minds

Rebellion is a common occurrence in most schools, especially during the stage where teenagers want to be treated like adults. In such a situation, an educator uses unorthodox methods to win over learners, and that is what is covered in Dangerous Minds.

From this movie, the role of a teacher as someone who empowers students to be responsible for their learning is seen clearly. Besides, it also acts as a tool to help an instructor reflect on their own teaching practice, especially when dealing with students from disadvantaged or underprivileged communities. Some of the top concepts in learning theory that are covered in this film include social cognitive, and behaviorism.

Coach Carter

Just because you’re the top student-athlete doesn’t mean you get a pass when it comes to academic performance. Through the film Coach Carter, the importance and value of education, even for student-athletes is emphasized. Besides, the main theme that the coach elaborates is that while sports can only get you so far in life, an education lasts you a lifetime. By acting as a role model, the students under Coach Carter also learn respect and discipline, qualities that come in handy in personal life, as well as the work environment.


Teen pregnancy is one of the leading causes of girls dropping out of school, and this film tackles how this issue affects education. Besides, parents are supposed to help their kids achieve their goals and understand life, but that is not the case in this film. Precious is mistreated by both her parents. Themes such as abuse, determination, the importance of education, survival, and maternal love are covered in this film.

Both teachers and students can learn a lot from the messages in these films. Apart from being entertaining, challenges in education are some of the topics discussed in these educational shows. While there are many more educative movies that you can explore, these five great productions portray issues that are worth covering in the filmmaking.

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