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There was once a golden age of games that accompanied any big cinematic release, resulting in many great and many poor games hitting the shelves. With better consoles, creating games to coincide with cinematic releases became unfeasible. The games based on or accompanying big movies have all but died off, but strangely enough, movies based on games have picked up over the last few years with the likes of Tomb Raider, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and Rampage coming to the big screen.

Gaming and movies appear aren’t as entwined as they once were, but there are still many games being released which allow you to immerse yourself in the universe of big movies both past and present. With modern gameplay but plenty of kickbacks to huge movies, these are the best games for fans of big movies that you can still play.

Detective Pikachu

Despite the countless number of game-adaptation movies which have flopped and the idea of a live-action Pokémon movie being questioned across the board, the Detective Pikachu movie looks quite exciting and should be a big hit at the box office.

Back in 2016, a shorter version of Detective Pikachu was released in Japan, followed by the worldwide release of the full version of Detective Pikachu on the handheld Nintendo 3DS in 2018. It looks like the movie will draw many of the protagonist’s characteristics and traits from the game, such as its coffee addiction, as well as elements of the story.

If you’re excited for Detective Pikachu, the Nintendo 3DS game is certainly worth trying for its unique gameplay in the Pokémon universe.


One realm of gaming which has taken a recent fancy to creating themed games based on popular movies and television series of the past and present is that of iGaming. There are the likes of The Mask, The Goonies, and Vikings with licensed games, but the best has to be Jumanji.

Based on the original 1995 film with Robin Williams, Jumanji on the online and mobile casino NY Spins was released in 2018 but still stands as one of the top picks of its category. Featuring a unique board to replicate the chaos of a stampede, a bonus game which is played on the Jumanji board game board, and multiple themed features like Monkey Mayhem and Wild Stampede, it fully immerses movie fans in the antics of the classic film.

If you fancy experiencing the thrills of a classic movie, the NY Spins game has everything a Jumanji fan could need.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Consoles used to be the go-to place to play games that tied into big movies, with the PlayStation 2 and Xbox shelves often being filled with these games. This is next-to nonexistent now, but Marvel’s Spider-Man manages to give fans of the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe exactly what they could want from a superhero game.

Superhero games are few and far between despite the demand being high and the market being huge, but Marvel’s Spider-Man exclusively on the PlayStation 4 has proven that the wait has been worthwhile. The game isn’t based on Spider-Man: Homecoming, Captain America: Civil War, or any Avengers movie, but it does allow you to play in any of Spider-Man’s most iconic costumes – including the Iron-Spider, Stark Suit, and Homemade suit from the MCU.

With perfect web-slinging controls, the whole of Manhattan to swing around, and fun combat, Marvel’s Spider-Man is a love-letter to all movie and comic fans who have craved a top-quality, triple-A superhero game.

There aren’t too many great games for movie fans still in circulation, but these three have proven to give back to the fans with exciting gameplay and plenty of nods to the movies.

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  1. Je pense que sans aucun doute Pokemon est parmi les meilleurs que j’aime beaucoup et c’est bon

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