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Tips for Writing an Urdu Essay in O Level 

By Benjamin Oaks | February 16, 2022

A seemingly accelerating globalization trend and diversity in all social spheres suggest an appetitive for more multilingual professionals. The more languages one knows, the more chances to become a valuable, successful employee. If you are a student, there is no better time to learn a foreign language than now. If Urdu is your second or even third language, you may face challenges along the way, as mastering this language is not an easy task. While assignment writers can help you complete some tasks, most of the work associated with learning this language requires substantial intellectual effort and skills on your part. In this article, grade miners share some top tips for writing a simple, O-level Urdu essay. 

What Is an Urdu O-Level Essay? 

Cambridge O Level stands for ordinary language level. O Level is designed with international students in mind, as they often struggle with learning a new language. Therefore, it has less complex requirements and demands than the advanced level for proficient language learners. However, even O Level may turn out to be an insurmountable barrier for many Urdu language learners if they lack proper guidance and support. The problem is that this Indo-European language is moderately difficult. It may be harder to learn Urdu than master English or German. 

Essay writing is one of the basic assignments designed to help Urdu learners to write and express their ideas. Creating an essay in O Level pursues several goals:

  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Improving grammar and punctuation
  • Learning word order
  • Expressing ideas and opinions

Essays are well-suited for different language levels, including Urdu O, because the writing assignments can be adjusted to fit students’ language skills. For example, an advanced Urdu essay may examine more complex topics (e.g., social implications of climate change) and be several pages long. In contrast, O level-students can write on simpler topics and complete short essays (1-2 pages are usually enough). 

How Can I Write an Urdu O-Level Paper? 

Learning a foreign language may be a nightmare, but many pro tips can make this process less daunting. To begin, you need to practice a lot. Although it may be tempting to use the best writing services, you need to complete as many essays as possible to prepare for the language exam. We recommend using the Cambridge O Level books that usually contain all the needed vocabulary and grammar rules. Therefore, look through the book before writing your essay and write down some useful words and phrases that fit the topic. In this way, you will have a broader set of language tools to write your paper. Moreover, Cambridge books also contain grammar rules and other information you will need while writing your O-Level essay. 

Next, you need to be able to work with the literature. Using your own ideas is always welcomed, but you also need to know how to support your arguments with solid evidence and hard facts. Find reliable Urdu sources and quote them to make your essay more impressive. 

Of course, the structure is everything when it comes to essay writing. No matter what language you use, your essay should have the following organization:

  • Introduction with a thesis statement
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion

No matter how many witty ideas you discuss or how rich your language is, your Urdu essay does not make sense without this structure. If used effectively, essay structure can make essay writing more manageable because it shows where you should put your ideas. 

Finally, revising and editing are of paramount importance. Essays written by students whose first language is not Urdu are often riddled with multiple errors. Therefore, don’t overestimate your language abilities and never skip editing. When you practice, you can use the best essay writer service for editing your papers to understand your weaknesses better. 

Need inspiration and guidance? Check Urdu O-Level essays online. Samples may help you understand what level of language knowledge you are expected to possess and how your essay should look. Samples are also helpful in expanding your vocabulary (make sure you take notes, though). 

Final Tips

If you are given a chance to choose a topic, never opt for the most impressive one. Choose topics you are familiar with because you need sufficient knowledge to complete a good paper. Moreover, don’t try to be clever but always rely on facts. Last but not least, make sure you know how much time each of the essay parts takes. If you practice much, you should know how to organize your time not to submit a half-finished paper.  

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