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In October this year, a new anti-hero movie – Venom – is scheduled to be released to a global audience. The film was produced by Marvel Studios in cooperation with Sony Corporation. Although some would say that it is another superhero product to follow the lead after Spider-Man and Batman’s series, we need to admit that this new release seem to have an entirely different approach to how a superhero movie needs to look like, as it has a few surprising and unexpected twists in it, just like it is with 777 slot machines, where you never know what will come next.

The script writer behind this masterpiece Scott Rosenberg supposedly had many elements in view when creating his work of art. Marvel Studios accomplished their goal too by creating a simply awesome product of cinematograph of the latest years. Some would even say that the Venom movie is Marvel’s greatest release ever launched over the past decades. Be that as it may, it is not just another Spider-sequel, but a film with a totally new futuristic perspective on the future of the humankind.

“We Are Ve’Nam”

The movie was directed by Ruben Fleischer featuring such iconic movie stars as Tom Hardy (playing Venom / Eddie Brock) along with Michelle Williams and a few other legends of cinematography.

In Venom, the journalist Eddie Brock is tied with a stranger being or, in other words, a symbiote that allows the main character to have superpowers the likes of which could never be imagined by the humankind before.

The cast of the movie is simply superb and each scene is penetrated with enough thrills to keep you excited for hours while watching this movie. Some people claim that it was inspired by the Spider-Man franchise originated in 2007 owing the efforts of its reputable director Avi Arad. However, the universe of Marvel Studios definitely has a unique flair around it, so you are likely to find some truly exclusive episodes with no origins to be traced in any other superhero releases. We need to admit that the entire plot of the movie will keep you shivering from horror, while the idea of an alien creature bonding with the main character is definitely something you would never see in any other cinematographic product of the recent years.

This is not just a story of a journalist who makes everything possible to become reputable in his sphere of activity. There is much more than that. You’ll see excellent graphics and superior-level visual effects that are going to accompany the journalist’s “journey to success”, while his mind and body is overtaken by the mega-powerful alien species.

“…his mind and body is overtaken by the mega-powerful alien species.”

This is definitely something you would not be expecting from an alien-themed movie of any kind. A journalist who gets into a trap due to the symbiote’s penetration is a theme that reflects the idea of a “hybrid” between the two major characters that share a single body and mind and are obliged to cooperate with one another. Superpowers of such kind have not been seen on the screen ever before, so we are all anticipating much action as part of the movie’s storyline.

The ingenious creators of this movie have done a great job experimenting with the symbiote’s voice and the distinctive accent of the main character. The movie’s plot and cast are altogether memorable and are likely to leave a long-lasting trace in the minds of viewers making them wonder about what will come next and whether there will be any sequels of this horrific story. As such, Eddie Brock and his Venom-like appearance can be regarded as the antagonist of other superheroes that have been presented to the audience over the recent decades. Spider-Man and Batman are the most distinct examples of positive superheroes, so here we will encounter an anti-hero with even greater superpowers than could ever be seen in the previous releases.

Venom’s long-anticipated release is scheduled on October 5, 2018, so we will soon make our own judgments regarding its possible popularity with the global audience.

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