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The New Scream is a Cut Above

By Film Threat Staff | February 8, 2022

The latest installment of Scream has been in the cinemas for just over a week now, and for many viewers, it’s been a walk down memory lane to the earlier times of the first 1996 scream release. Everyone likes horror, but there is something about Scream that just escalated conversation and really became a convention of excitement between fans. Written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busik, the new script has been commented to have a consistent vibe to the original movies (written by Kevin Williamson), and yet, still consistent to have its own voice and standing against all the movies thus far. Performance may have been slightly lacking to the earlier dated originals but, many fans at this point don’t care about the specifics and are totally there purely from allegiance basis.  

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The Story

Scream always begins with the typical phone call-yes over landline, under the typical circumstances that a woman is home alone and is forced to face the disturbia and psychopathic games that the mysterious killer and character plays. While many believe scream helped define the horror genre over the past two decades, the new movie possibly to some serious horror fanatics would show up a little flat. The reason being is, the new characters do not seem to have the same movie knowledge and acting as the original movies. It comes across as less believable. 

Tara, the main character, is attacked by the killer in the Ghostface outfit, but she miraculously manages to survive and ends up in hospital. This introduces other characters in the movie such as her estranged sister Sam, who comes in from their childhood hometown, and looks to help her sister emotionally recover and understand what exactly happened. Many viewers build the suspicion that Tara’s sister is who the killer actually wants, and it was a ploy all along to lure the sister into town. Bringing her boyfriend Richie, Sam, and Richie face Ghost face, and must figure out who really is behind the strings of killings and attacks in town. 

Before you know it, the original trio, Gale, Sid, and Deputy Dewey are on the scene, however the wise direction of Matt Bettinelli and Tyler Gillet, do not let the old trio take over the entire narrative of the movie. Rather just to allow the audience to reminisce old movie scenes and habits of the Scream legacy, they add a flavouring to the movie and some familiar antics that make the film all the more enjoyable. The focus still is on the young characters, and the question of what their connection is to Ghostface. If you look back to the previous movie, Scream 4, similar connections were made to initiate the same trail of questions by the audience. 


Viewers once again will question everything and everyone, to identify the killer. Even Sam’s new beau and character in the movie, will be put under the spotlight, as well as new characters like Amber, who is seemingly trying to come between Sam and Tara’s estranged relationship. Suspicious much? If you are interested in seeing how this movie pans out, the movie has a 7.2 rating in Imdb, and will certainly fill that void of screaming horror and entertainment that many Scream fans were left hanging with from Scream 4.

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