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The Impact of Online Gaming on Movie Storytelling

By Film Threat Staff | February 12, 2024

In recent years, the worlds of online gaming and movies have become more and more intertwined. This is not just because of the many video games that have been adapted into movies (and vice versa) but also because of how the worlds created by online game developers are shaping many of the elements of moviemaking.

This can be hard to see as they have become so closely aligned that you might not be sure of who has influenced whom in any given situation. However, you can get a closer picture of what has occurred if you take time to step back and look at these important areas.

#1 Advanced narrative and world-building

Most online games like The Last of Us, or pretty much any RPG, have a deep and complex storyline and have created an alternative reality in some depth. As this has become the norm in gaming, movie makers have realized that they can do the same, as viewers want to see more about how the world fits together. It has also opened their eyes to the fact that more intricate plots can be used, especially in action movies where this is traditionally thin on the ground.

This is ironic as many of the early video game adaptations were met with indifference partly because the movies did not have the same depth as the games they were adapted from. You would be hard-pressed to find that happening again today.

#2 Visual aesthetics

Because many video game cut scenes have become mini-movies in themselves, it is not surprising that many of the techniques used to make them have found their way into moviemaking. It is not just the CGI techniques used but also the types of shots employed by movie makers who can now take a long shot along a valley to zoom in on a hero standing on a castle wall without spending half their budget and needing a helicopter. They can also integrate more fantastical elements into the movies, which the viewers immediately accept as they have already seen something similar in a video game.

#3 Be aware of the reverse effect

As much as online games have inspired movie makers, it is not a one-way street. Game developers have embraced movie tie-ins for as long as consoles have been around, and online casinos have also got in on the game. Players of online pokies in New Zealand and other countries around the world can play slots featuring the imagery and sounds of blockbusters like Lord of the Rings or Terminator. It doesn’t stop there; you would also find games dedicated to the Dark Knight and Planet of the Apes, as well as horrors like Halloween and comedies like Bridesmaids.

This wide range of games means that you will have something to pique your interest regardless of your movie preference. They can offer a similar immersive experience to the movies and have bonus rounds and features closely connected with the original movie storyline.

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