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By Phil Hall | December 7, 2012

BOOTLEG FILES 457: “Dogarama” (1971 porno film starring Linda Lovelace).

LAST SEEN: The film can be found on several adult video websites.

AMERICAN HOME VIDEO: Not that I am aware of.

REASON FOR BOOTLEG STATUS: A notorious film that cannot easily be shared.


In 1972, the X-rated feature “Deep Throat” became the surprise sensation of the year. A great deal of the media fascination with this unlikely production centered on its charming leading lady, the hitherto unknown Linda Lovelace. Indeed, Lovelace’s fame became so pronounced that she was welcomed as a guest on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” and at the Academy Awards ceremony.

But as Lovelace’s celebrity grew, strange whispers began percolating about another movie starring the clothing-free lady. Unlike the loopy soft-core comedy of “Deep Throat,” the other film ventured into the unpleasant taboo territory of b********y. Lovelace initially claimed to be unaware of any such film, but she was eventually acknowledged its existence after prints began to surface.

The film in question was shot in 1971 and has been released under a variety of titles, including one that is inappropriate for publication in a family-friendly surrounding, but it is perhaps best known as “Dogarama.” This production is something of a legend in pornography history – and while many people have heard about the film, relatively few have actually seen it.

“Dogarama” was one of a seemingly endless number of “loops” produced in the early 1970s. Loops were short 8mm porno flicks that were made quickly and cheaply for distribution in the growing number of X-rated theaters and peep show venues that proliferated in American cities; some loops were also sold through mail order catalogues, in violation of the U.S. postal laws of the era. The loops had little in the way of artistic value, and there was a certain sense of seen-one/seen-them-all to their offerings.

With “Dogarama,” however, things were a little different. Rather than concentrate on male-female sex, this loop introduced a canine participant into the carnal romp. It is unclear who came up with this idea, but even in the raucous early 1970s this concept was more than a little extreme.

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  1. HCS says:

    In the book Ordeal by Linda Lovelace, she says Hefner owned an expansive collection of 8mm loops. She also says Hefner wanted her to reenact the dog scene, of course with the encouragement of others. It didn’t work.
    By then an experienced sex worker had advised Linda ways to discourage or “frighten” dogs from participating, if she found herself in that position again–being forced to participate.

  2. Pete m. says:

    How much would a Linda Lovelace dog Arama 8 mm film in a collectors box with a photograph be worth

  3. Pete says:

    What is this worth

  4. Lawrence Fechtenberger says:

    This movie makes a cameo appearance in, of all things, Liv Ullmann’s memoirs. In the book CHANGING, Ullmann describes her first visit to Hollywood, after achieving international fame through her work with Ingmar Bergman. She is taken to a party at the Playboy Mansion, where Hugh Hefner shows a movie in which a woman has sex with a dog. Ullmann describes herself as deeply embarrassed, and not knowing where to look. She does not identify the woman or the title, but one must presume it to be the same movie.

  5. MartelHammer says:

    And ,the childish,overrated, insufferable,grossly untalented “comic” Sarah Silverman,makes a political video of herself around election time, simulating this very thing,to show how “hip”,”edgy”,”brilliant”,”ironic”,”smarter than you conservative,Midwestern rubes are”etc,etc, that she still delusionally believes herself to be.And hardly any controversy,because she’s Left Wing, and the 99% Leftist media say nothing.

  6. Casey Scott says:

    Actually, the concept of b********y in porn in the 1970s was not that far-fetched, and there was a big audience for it. Imported loops from Europe featured eels, pigs, cows, and of course dogs, and if there wasn’t a market for it, it wouldn’t have continued being sold here. If you’re so inclined, Google “Bodil Jensen” and read more about the adult film world’s most infamous animal lover, who even starred in a film with that title in 1971. Jack Stevenson wrote the definitive article on her.

    The 70s porno world isn’t all “Boogie Nights” fun and games. Violent S&M and even underage participants were not frowned upon until the mid-1970s. You could go into any adult store in the big bad city up until that point and find a dedicated section to any kink you wished, including pregnant women, milk, menstruation, and enemas. True story!

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