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As Halloween is approaching, it is natural to feel like watching movies that are scary. Fortunately, Netflix takes care of that by having a variety of great horror movies. Whether it is ghosts, witches or anything in between, you are guaranteed to get something great to watch this Halloween.

The Shining

The adjustment of Stephen King’s bestseller by Stanley Kubrick creates horror from its diligent moviemaking. The film additionally features a very unforgettable frightening performance during the past decades.

The story narrates about Jack Torrance, an ex-alcoholic that was intending to become a writer. He worked as an off-shore caretaker in a secluded Hotel and he lived with his spouse Wendy and their child Danny.

Danny had the shining psychic capabilities which made him view the terrifying past of that hotel. The hotel chef had the exact ability and was capable of conversing with Danny. Previously, that hotel had a guard that lost sanity and killed his entire family and himself. Jack lost his sanity due to those supernatural forces impact in the hotel and that put his spouse and child at risk.

It Follows

In this scary movie, Annie thought that she had gotten a guy in her latest lover, however, upon making love, he said that he was being followed by evil. This hunted Annie down until she passed it to the next man she slept with. This is a moody movie that is inspired by retro. It is current with a perplexing giant who must be outsmarted by the heroine.

The 6th Sense

This is a unique scary movie which received an Oscar nomination for great picture. The movie narrates a tale of Cole Sear, a disturbed and isolated child who is capable of seeing and talking to the dead. In the movie, there is also another equally disturbed child psychologist called Malcom who attempts helping Cole. The movie is easy to watch because it contains a great script which reveals slowly after too much discomforting stress, a chilling premise and an astonishing twist completion.

The Babadook

Imaginary friends and storybooks are quite common to young children. The Babadook movie takes both commonalities and changes them into threats which disturbed Jennifer Kent. Jennifer was a young woman who had lost her husband was burdened with her disturbed 6-year-old child.

The imaginary friend was changed into a boogeyman creature. The mother struggled to brace reality but Babadook would not allow her. This led to turmoil and terror in the family.

The Conjuring

This terrifying film was inspired by real occurrences. It starred Vera Farmiga and Wilson Patrick as the supernatural inspectors (Lorraine Warren and Ed).

The two were a couple and both were asked to investigate what was happening in Amityville Farmhouse. Upon moving in, they began encountering scary things that increased dramatically in frequency and they physically threatened the occupants of that building. A clock stopped, a dog died and the mother got trapped in the cellar by an evil clapping spirit.

This movie might not adhere fully to its source material but it brings a similar eerie and at times an extremely frightening atmosphere which made Amityville a great name.

The Witch

In this scary movie, Robert Eggers directs Anya Taylor-Joy, a small girl who her family was ousted from their Puritan England village. While they were rebuilding their lives at the jungle, their small baby disappeared. This then brings in motion, a psychological thriller where the sanity of the members of the family unravels as strange forces threaten to ruin them.


This is a French movie which proved too scary for most viewers and its premise says it all. The movie is about cannibalism at French Veterinary institution. A vegetarian learner had to eat offal at a hazing ritual. Her craving for meat unlocked a high desire for human meat. The movie takes the logic of the coming of age film to the highest level.

Donnie Darko

In this frightening movie, Jake Gyllenhaal presented his revolution act as a gloomy, stressed young boy who forecasts doom for his sleepy suburban city. This was a black prophecy which he inherited from his fictitious pal called Frank. Frank happened to be a monster and threatening bunny rabbit.

Interview with the Vampire

In this terrifying film, the adaptation of Annie Rice’s novel by Neil Jordan is super nineties. The superstars Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Antonio Banderas play brooding deities handling the disorders which come with eternal life and crave for the blood of human beings. Additionally, it introduces the universe to Kirsten Dunst who played the maniacal kid vampire.


This frightening movie got inspired by a real story just like every other outstanding horror film. The celebrated Spanish film follows a fifteen-year-old girl called Veronica. She conducted a séance with an Ouija board. This was something tricky which worsened by the fact that she did it during the solar eclipse. Naturally, things never went well for Veronica later.


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  2. JOHN HELL says:

    Errr ….. Where were these movies on Netflix in the UK? To be honest, it’s a rubbish list but Netflix is shocking for Horror movies anyway ( Even at Halloween! )
    I don’t even know why I continue to suscribe? I haven’t the patience for boxsets/ mini-series and I only like Horror???

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