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The 9 Best Movies About Gambling

By Film Threat Staff | December 12, 2021

Gambling is a topic that always sparks interest. It can be exciting, thrilling, and addicting all at the same time. For some people, gambling is their life-blood, and for others, it’s just an occasional hobby. When do you think about gambling? What comes to mind?

There are many great movies about gambling out there, but we have narrowed them down to the top nine favorites:

1. Casino Royale

This is the first James Bond movie that Daniel Craig plays in. It’s set during his early years as a spy and doesn’t include gadgets, sexy women, or high-stakes action. However, it shows how he was recruited into MI-26 and what he had to do to prove himself worthy of being 00 status. If you love poker, this would be great for you because you can find your casino bonus in multiple scenes where they play Texas Holdem Poker!

2. 21

Based on true events, this movie shows what happened when MIT students got together and created their card counting system to beat casinos out of millions of dollars. Kevin Spacey stars in this drama that also has some comedic elements mixed in there too. It’s one for all audiences but especially those with an interest in math or gambling.

3. The Cooler

This movie is more about the emotional side of gambling and what happens when things go wrong. It’s also a great drama with Bill Campbell playing an older man who works as a cooler at casinos because he brings everyone bad luck. When they lose everything, Bernie Mac shows up to help him out, but even though it doesn’t look like their relationship will work, there are some surprising twists in this one.

4. There Will Be Blood

Daniel Day-Lewis gives another wonderful performance in this Oscar-winning film by Paul Thomas Anderson, where his character becomes obsessed with oil, power, and greed. He’ll do anything to get ahead, including using someone else’s money without telling them, which leads to dire consequences for all involved, especially since most people don’t know how much he’s worth.

5. Maverick

This is the first time Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster appeared together on screen. They play a father/daughter duo who runs a traveling poker game throughout Texas. Still, things heat up when they meet James Garner’s character Bret Maverick, their biggest competition. If you love Westerns, especially ones with lots of comedy mixed in, then definitely check this one out and all the other great movies above.

6. Lucky You

Eric Bana stars as Huck Cheever, a young professional gambler from Los Angeles that makes his living off playing short-term poker games. He gets into hot water after he bets against his hand at an important high-stakes match forcing him to go on vacation with his estranged father, L.C. Cheever (Robert Duvall), who hasn’t spoken to him in years. This movie shows their journey together as they try and rebuild their bond while Huck tries his best not to lose everything at the poker table this time around too.

7. Rounders: Two Young Studs Take on the System

Miles and Worm go head–to–head against Teddy KGB in an all-out war over 15,000 dollars, leading them down a dangerous path towards revenge and betrayal. Not only with each other but also from the Russian mobster.

8. The Gambler

This movie is a remake of the 1974 film starring James Caan. It takes place in Las Vegas and follows Jim Bennett, an English professor with a severe gambling addiction who owes money to dangerous people. He’s forced to look for more high-risk opportunities if he wants his problems fixed–fast! When things go south on him again, though, will it be too much for him to handle?

9. The House of The Rising Sun

This movie takes place in New Orleans and follows Jack, an aspiring novelist looking to pay off his debts by working as a dealer at one of the best casinos around. He quickly becomes obsessed with gambling, but things take a turn for him when he gets involved in illegal games behind-the-scenes that end up getting him into some hot water.

Final Thoughts

These are nine of the best movies about gambling out there. Whether you’re interested in learning more, need a little inspiration to get your game on again, or just want something great to watch this weekend, we hope that you find one (or all) of these films entertaining and enjoyable.

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