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Slots and casinos are not only reserved for casuals and professionals who enjoy dancing with lady luck from time to time. They also served as inspiration for many cinematographers around the globe.

In fact, the movie industry has covered most of the topics related to gambling. Some of the characters featuring in these movies helped us relate to the plot and helped us get a different perspective on the kind of life we were living.

While some of these characters were bad at gambling, there are a few who played the casinos for all they had and gained wealth and fame. Who are these characters? Stay with us as we give you the 6 characters that were the greatest gamblers in the history of cinema.

Eddy (Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels)

Eddy is one of the few phenomenal characters from the Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels movie. Many think that Nick Morgan, playing the character of Eddy, gave an incredible performance, especially in the gambling scenes. More specifically, in the one with P.H. Moriarty playing Hatchet Harry and Lenny McLean playing Barry The Baptist.

“20 grand open”, says Eddy absolutely sure that he has the winning hand, and calling Hatchet Harry’s bluff in one of the most memorable gambling scenes ever, only to fall victim to the ingenious scam. Fortunately, the players today can be sure that there is nothing of the sort going on behind the curtain when they are playing casino slots online.

Rusty Ryan (Ocean’s Eleven)

If you are into the movies depicting slots and casinos, you have to see Ocean’s Eleven, especially the 2006 version starring Brad Pitt as the cunning Rusty Ryan.

There are many scenes in the movie telling the viewers various stories from the world of gambling. But we would like to point out the one where the greatest gambler, Rusty Ryan, gives out tips on calling out a bluff.

The scene starts with the 5-Card draw, where Rusty Ryan provides advice on how to behave and what to say while at the table. Moments later, Mr. Ocean joins the jolly crew, and that’s when the fun begins. “Guys, what’s the first lesson in poker?” – he asks after Mr. Ocean places a bet, and makes the intro to give them a lesson on how to call out the bluff. If you love poker, you should definitely see this one.

James Bond (Various)

James Bond is a versatile character who knows how to do the job of a secret agent but also knows his way around women, drinks, and gambling. In various movies, we could see this prominent character involved in various gambling activities.

The most prominent ones include Sean Connery winning the game of baccarat in Dr. No, Roger Moore defeating the villain in a game of backgammon in Octopussy, and Pierce Brosnan’s iconic gambling scenes in GoldenEye. However, don’t get caught up in the flare of perfectly edited blockbuster gambling scenes. Much preparation is needed if you plan to win big, like understanding wagering requirements and all the rules of the chosen game.

Raymond Babbit (Rain Man)

The iconic Dusting Hoffman and Tom Cruise gambling scene is one of the most famous scenes in the late 1980s cinematography. It introduces the concept of counting in the game of blackjack.

Dusting Hoffman plays a character on the autism spectrum, capable of memorizing all the cards, which enables them to win hand after hand and make a lot of cash. You don’t have to learn to count to win today, as there are plenty of casual gambling opportunities awaiting you with Codere online slots.

Le Chiffre (Casino Royale)

Casino Royale is a famous story told by Ian Fleming. In fact, the story is so captivating that it was put to screen two times. The fans chose the one directed by Martin Campbell as the better one. We’ve seen the James Bond character engaged in the gambling before, but Daniel Craig just made it look so tense and real.

Le Chiffre plays the main villain – a torture-inflicting antagonist who sits at the poker table to cross his cards with James Bond. And who better to play this role but the one and only Mads Mikkelsen. If you want to experience all the implications of an all-or-nothing poker game, you should definitely watch this movie.

Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein (Casino)

The movie Casino from 1995 is a masterpiece and many say that it has Robert De Niro to thank. He plays Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein, a casino mogul inspired by real-life mobster Frank ‘Lefty’ Rosenthal. The movie features many scenes involving all sorts of gambling activities taking place in a beautiful casino built to attract players, like these and incentivize them to spend their hard-earned cash.


The 6 movie characters we mentioned above are examples of great gamblers and the psychology of a true winner, especially James Bond and his British way of dealing with things. If you haven’t seen any of these movies, we suggest that you do so right away, as there is a lot to learn from these fellas.


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