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Oscar Broadcast Prop Bets / Winner Odds

By Alan Ng | March 2, 2018

Undoubtedly you’ve been inundated by critics and pundits giving their best guess on who will win or who should win the Academy Awards. In most categories, the winners are a foregone conclusion. So why watch this year’s Oscar broadcast? For the prop bets, of course! The odds-makers at SportsBettingDime.com have placed odds on the likelihood the following propositions come to pass. So whip out that wallet and make a few bucks of your friends and family. Here are the 2018 Academy Award Prop Bets and Odds.

Odds on the subject of Jimmy Kimmel’s first joke:
Himself – 7/1
Trump – 12/1
Last year’s Best Picture fiasco – 15/1
Russia – 15/1
Harvey Weinstein – 24/1
Matt Damon – 24/1
Jennifer Lawrence – 35/1

Odds Jimmy Kimmel will say these words or phrases during the monologue:
Guns: 1/9
NRA: 1/3
Harvey Weinstein: 1/1
Accountant: 2/1
La La Land: 3/1
Moonlight: 3/1
MeToo: 4/1
Time’s Up: 5/1
Warren Beatty: 5/1
PriceWaterhouseCoopers: 5/1

Over/Under number of times Kimmel says ‘Trump’ during monologue: 1.5

Over/Under length of Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue: 8.5 minutes

Odds wrong winner is announced for any Oscar: 75/1

Odds President Trump tweets during Oscars broadcast: 1/4

Odds of the color of Jimmy Kimmel’s tux:
Black – 1/19
White – 24/1
Other – 99/1

Odds Frances McDormand wears a dress vs a pant-suit:
Dress – 1/10
Pantsuit – 11/1
Other – 124/1

Color of Frances McDormand’s outfit:
Dark Blue – 3/2
Light Blue – 3/1
Black – 4/1
Field – 17/3

Odds ABC’s Oscars broadcast draws more viewers than last year (32.9 million, second lowest ever): 4/1

Odds any award presenter or winner suffers wardrobe malfunction or falls on the way to the stage: 15/1

Odds an award winner mentions “the President” or “Trump” in their acceptance speech: 4/1

Over/Under on the number  of times Dave Chappelle is censored: 1.5

Odds Tiffany Haddish plugs Groupon: 9/1

Over/Under on the # of “alrights” from Matthew McConaughey: 2.5

Odds Jane Fonda mentions Trump, #timesup or Grace & Frankie first:
TimesUp: 1/2
Trump: 3/1
Grace & Frankie: 10/1

Odds Rita Moreno references West Side Story: 3/1
Odds Rita Moreno or Gina Rodriguez references DACA: 6/1

Odds Lin-Manuel Miranda mentions Puerto Rico: 2/1
Odds Lin-Manuel Miranda Raps: 15/1
Odds Helen Mirren Raps: 99/1

Odds to win most Oscars:
The Shape of Water (13 nominations) – 1/2
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (7 nominations) – 3/1
Dunkirk (8 nominations) – 10/1

Odds Shape of Water breaks the record for most Oscars won by a single movie: 500/1.
(Three films have won 11 Academy Awards: Ben-Hur (1959); Titanic (1997); The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003))

Over/under Oscars won by:
Star Wars (4 nominations) – 1.5

Odds Timothee Chalamet becomes youngest to win Best Actor:
this year: 15/1
in the next 6 years: 8/1

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