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So last year in October, I had no gig and didn’t know my fate until 2018, as most producers and directors I knew were already off for holiday. I knew this would be the longest holiday for me as for one I was as broke as hell, and 2, I was anticipating an idle holiday ahead. I was almost giving up, and would not even concentrate on writing my script. January would be yet another rude awakening month of 2018.

I remember it was at around 10 pm while catching a movie in my living room before retiring to bed that I heard my bedroom’s phone ringing. It was a random caller, who upon saying hello, he tried to explain where he had gotten my number. I thought he had a cold as he strained to explain this. My mind was blank and I felt no interest, after all, it was already too late for a gig at that time of the year.

Nonetheless, he asked me whether I was free to take part in a short film, and went on to ask me to prepare and meet him in his office the next day. Well, a good thing comes to those who deserve it. I psyched myself up, relaxed and even sat on my bed as he proceeded to explain. I was to meet him the next morning.

So the next morning I rushed to his office as he had directed. He came in a little late but I had no problem with that. “Are you Rodgers, Rodgers the troublemaker?” The old man asked, and went on to hand me sheets of paper even without greeting me. “We are almost out of time. Take! Tonight 22hrs, see you there” It was a script for my new role.

I went through it and saw the character; Rodgers in the script. Rodgers was in police custody for committing a felony. I knew it was my role. It was after going through it that I noticed every detail including our meeting point. The meeting point was to be at SoFlo Studio. I have never been to this video production studio though I had heard a lot of good stories about the video studio rental and all its affordable video production services. I dashed to Fort Lauderdale, it’s near Hollywood, and so I felt like a real star already. My role, Rodgers in this short film would happen in SoFlo Studio’s interrogation room set.

Besides having a perfect interrogation room set, the film production studio also has a police station set full with, police outfit, police car, doctor’s outfit, cargo van, fake guns and even fake money. Their film studio rental is perfect for whatever criminal justice film shoot you may need to shoot. Therefore, unless I was a fool, my role would be trashed.

That evening we commenced. Me in the integration room, it was so serious, just like the real one in fact at times I thought they had actually nabbed me. It had a table, chairs, the two-way mirrors, solid, dark doors. In fact, you’d experience that grim environment for police officers to investigate lawbreakers.

Let’s just say, though the film is yet to be out I have never heard any complaints from the mean, deep-voiced caller about myself or about the film. I have since received my stipend, and I’m sure the film was a success.

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