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Movie Casinos You Can Visit in Real Life

By Film Threat Staff | September 18, 2020

Casinos have always been associated with big money and prestige. It makes them an ideal background for many films and TV series. Agents like James Bond and friends from Ocean’s 11 would hardly look so cool if it was not for the casino in the background.

Obviously, the movie industry could not miss the growing interest in gambling all over the world. Even though many developed countries have allowed this industry to operate, for many parts of the world, movies are still the only place they can see a real casino.

Yet, it would not be right to state that every casino portrayed in movies does exist in real life. Quite the contrary, though. Lots of places are created specifically for movies and get demolished as soon as the file is shot.

Only a few movies can boast with gambling locations that are open for visitors right now or at least existed in the past. Frankly, the majority of such movies have been recognized as successful and found lots of fans in different parts of the world.

So, if you wonder what casino movie locations can be visited in real life, here’s the list:

Planet Hollywood Casino

Planet Hollywood Casino is another epic casino portrayed in a famous movie 21. The casino is one of the best in Vegas that is known to have a lot of sights to offer. The way the movie was filmed only reinforces players’ interest in visiting this casino.

This is hardly a new casino that has over 2,500 rooms for its guests and is famous for amazing shows and special events. The casino often hosts performances of the world’s most known celebrities for its guests to have fun.

The Venetian

The Venetian is one of the best live casinos that was featured in at least three successful Hollywood movies. You can see it in Ocean’s 11, Miss Congeniality 2, and Rat Race. In all these movies, the casino looks luxurious with all its Venetian details and landmarks.

Obviously, this casino is worthy of this attention because its interior and exterior are just amazing. You can skip a tour to Venice if you plan on visiting this gambling place. The Venetian is truly the best gambling site that can be found in the U.S.

Caesar’s Palace

The first movie of The Hangover franchise was filmed in Caesars Palace, a real casino and a movies set in Las Vegas. The comedy features both the hotel and the casino floor, providing avid players with the full scenery of the casino.

The casino is full of interesting sights that it has built over its 50-year history. It combines both the amazing architecture of the past and modern influence. For example, you can see a statue of Augustus Caesar at the front of the land-based casino but also you can find an eponymous real money casino app to play at Caesar’s from around the world.

Park MGM

What Happens in Vegas, a 2008 movie with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, was filmed in Park MGM casino. This comedy is great just like the casino in the background. It is overwhelming, but it has over 102,000 square feet of the casino floor.

This casino has over 2,500 rooms for its guests and has a reputation of one of the most updated land-based casinos. Having a 20-year history, Park MGM remains the number one place to play table games and win.

The Bellagio

The Bellagio is one of the most favorite casino locations for Hollywood movies. The best of attention it received after the Ocean’s 11 movie was released in 2001. The film is about a money heist that takes place in the casino and features such celebrities as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, etc.

The interior of the Bellagio is splendid. The movie highlights its variety of slot machines and lots of poker and blackjack tables all around the floor. The rest of the movie facilities, such as the lobby, lack, and botanical gardens are also present in an actual casino.

People love to entertain, and both films and gambling games serve this purpose. The movie industry and gambling are closely intertwined. One inspires another with themes and topics, while the latter serves as a wonderful background for scenes.

Both parties win in the collaboration between Hollywood and Vegas. The movies get such a real gambling background that no designers can replicate. The casinos get advertised all over the world and get more clients than they could hope for.

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