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Hollywood movies that portray addiction realistically are rare. And films that show a pathway to recovery are few and far between. Requiem for a Dream, considered a modern classic, may be one of the darkest portrayals of addiction ever to hit the screen. The movie Flight with Denzel Washington ends up as something of a redemption story, but at a great cost. Beautiful Boy starring Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet deals head on with the costs of drug addiction and the difficulties one may experience on the road to recovery. Beautiful Boy illustrates that there is hope, but what are the real costs and how does one take that first step to end a destructive addiction?

Substance addiction is an intruder on every aspect of life. It destroys your health, social life, and most importantly, it can also ruin you financially. But it is not easy to get over an addiction, is it?

People suffering from cigarette, alcohol or any other illicit drug addiction, deep down inside, want to become better people. Sadly, most of them do not seek help because of the social stigma that surrounds addiction. We often hesitate to tell our families and friends about our addictions for fear of being criticized or even abandoned. Instead, many of us let the addictions eat into our lives until it becomes evident to everyone that we have a problem. This article is meant to motivate you to seek help for your addiction. The benefits that come with overcoming addiction are just marvelous. Here is how you will become a better person by getting over your addiction.

How getting over addiction would make you a better person…

1. Improved physical and mental health.

Physical and mental health often go hand in hand with substance addiction. People with addiction problems always tend to develop certain kinds of mental as well as physical health conditions. Some of the health conditions associated with substance addiction include loss of memory from alcohol and marijuana use; loss of muscle tone from cocaine use; loss of weight from gambling; and severe itching from heroin use. With the right addiction treatment service, you can get healed of all symptoms that come with substance dependence and withdrawal. It is even possible to cure chronic jaundice that comes from librium addiction with comprehensive treatment from an addiction facility. As you start your therapy you will notice changes in your body, such as improved skin tone, clearer eyes, and even healthier hair. Your thoughts would also be more clear. Keep this up and soon your general health will gloom.

2. Increased motivation for life.

When people are too deep in their addiction, they often lack the motivation to do anything. They just live for the sake of living. Overcoming your addiction and maintaining sobriety will make you have a new and greater interest in life. When you lose a bad habit, your mind, will, and energy will be devoted to other aspects of life. You will have the motivation to try out new things. You will realize that you are capable of much more than you previously thought. This will make you engage in activities that will improve your life and you will even be more eager for tomorrow.

3. Better financial management.

It costs a lot to support an addiction. Heroin addicts, for example, can spend up to $150 on the drugs every day. Being an addict, you can easily spend all your money on your drug of choice. Your need for drugs can easily override other important financial obligations such as food and even rent. If you seek treatment and stop the addiction you will be able to spend money on the things that matter. You will be able to sort out your debts and even gather up savings for future investments.

Addiction is never a personal choice. It often starts out as a harmless tryout, then it becomes a habit, and finally, you realize you can’t live without it. Overcoming addiction and maintaining perfect sobriety is a huge accomplishment. Although the journey of cleansing can be rather difficult, the rewards would greatly promote your life and make you a better person.

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