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Many of us want to live like superheroes (or villains) but have you ever wondered how much it costs? What are the financial rewards of a life of heroism or villainy? Is there money in the business of keeping Earth safe or plunging it into perpetual chaos? Or is it a job done purely out of passion, rather than for the wealth? We’ve rounded up six high-profile characters to scour through their assets: their homes, transport, gadgets, weaponry, even their tattoos in the attempt to find out how much each of them are worth.

Here are just some of the findings courtesy of comic historian Vincent Zurzolo, COO of Metropolis Collectibles.

T’Challa, the rightful owner of the Wakanda’s rich reserves of vibranium is calculated to be worth $10.36 trillion – that exceeds the GDP of every country on Earth combined!
Thanos has been the most powerful villain in the Marvel universe to date and operates from an epic starship, that’s worth $13 billion on its own.
Captain Marvel too commandeers a starship worth a cool $13 billion and has had approximately $5.5 million invested into her US fighter pilot training.

Check out these infographics for some highlights and get the whole story here

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