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By Film Threat Staff | August 4, 2003

Listen up! Time to learn something, kids. And what better what to educate yourself than taking in a great documentary? Through all of the docs we’ve seen here at Film Threat, we’ve learned about the restaurant business, how to improve our Scrabble game, what exactly goes on within those cold walls of a coroner’s office and how the subjects of rape, disease, suicide and abortion can all be used to create a killer spookhouse. Gaining insight on all of these things may not make us better people, but you better believe that we have plenty to talk about at parties.

We present to you a list of the very best

documentaries that have been floating around out there for the past few years. Many of these films have been picked up at festivals and will be heading to an arthouse theater near you, while others will be popping up at festivals around the world.

Dig in and find out what’s out there.

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