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By Admin | August 7, 2002

After about an hour of having your nerves fried, you start getting into the flow of things. You’re more relaxed and you realize that you have plenty of time to see everything that there is to offer. You may even find yourself being kind to your fellow man, even if they just stepped right in front of you, mashing your toe, to get a closer look at the table full of import DVDs you were just perusing. Hey, some of these people don’t go outside a whole lot, so their people skills are a little impaired. You forgive the offender and patiently wait for him to go away. This is Comic-Con and we’re all there to have fun.
Have that same situation take place five hours later and you may have a fight on your hands. After a full day of scooping out dealer’s tables, waiting in line for autographs, watching films and attending panels, your feet are aching and your will to be civil decreases sharply. Yes, you are now ornery and only alcohol can make you feel better once again. The last thing you need is some guy stepping over you to grab a Batman comic. I’ve yet to see someone get murdered at the Con, but I won’t be surprised when I see it happen.
So how was this year’s show? Well, between the excitement and the orneriness, I found I was looking at the same old, same old, except switched around a little in a sneaky attempt to try and fool me. There were a few things missing, such as…Marvel comics. Yes, comic book titans Marvel were not present on the showroom floor. Kinda weird, ain’t it? Like going to KFC and having the drive-thru person tell you that they’re out of chicken. Other than that shock to the senses, it was almost exactly the same show as last year – several people dressed in the same exact costumes and crap that didn’t sell last year was there again. I actually covered the entire showroom floor the first hour that I was there. It’s like the 2001 show never ended and all this last year of my life has just been one crazy dream.

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