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Bingo Plays a Part in Movies

By Chris Gore | August 10, 2018

The online bingo industry is continuing to experience massive levels of growth and sometimes it is overlooked that bingo started off and is still a game played in bingo halls worldwide. Some of the biggest land-based bingo markets in the world are Australia, Brazil, USA, Canada and England and it is estimated that a massive $70 billion is spent every year on land based bingo halls across the world. Given that this form of ‘soft’ gambling, with a massively social element is so popular it is no surprise that it often features and is referred to in movies.

Many movies will simply feature a character playing bingo in the film as a hobby or social activity. An example of this can be found in Big Momma’s House 2, where bingo features in a very amusing scene in this film. Big Momma is giving the family an insight into what she likes to do and one of the children becomes bored and started shouting ‘bingo’, as the first word he spoke all film!

Animated films have also often featured bingo, a good example is the Hotel Transylvania film, in which the monsters are playing bingo in their hotel on vacation. One of the monster’s wives calls out ‘Bingo’ and promptly this results in her card and marker getting eaten!

Bingo can be found in movies from all genres and this is proven by the fact it features in the psychological horror film Bababook. A scene is shown in which one of the main characters is helping her patients play bingo.

The use of bingo halls in films isn’t always used to highlight characters having fun though, as shown by the use of a bingo hall in the 2009 film Rampage. This features a hitman who walks through the bingo hall killing players who are too engrossed in playing bingo to even register what is going on, before it is too late.

If you are just interested in bingo as a whole and would like to know more about it, then it is worth watching Bingo! The Documentary, released in 1999. It is an interesting look into the pastime and includes many features such as in-depth interviews with those who play and why bingo resonates with them on such a personal level. It also looks into whether the same experience can be had playing bingo online, as in a land-based bingo hall.

The digital revolution has brought about a rise in popularity in bingo, as it is now so easy to play the game in an online format on the go. The presence of bingo within so many different movies, games and shows goes to prove how popular bingo is. But it’s really important know know where to play bingo

Many online casino providers now offer online bingo and it is definitely worth having a go if you haven’t yet experienced the online version of this world-famous game. Make sure that mFortune is your first port of call, as it is now one of the leading and most innovative online bingo providers. These guys have made it a point of creating their very own games and are renowned for their mobile platform and progressive jackpots; making it a great place to have your first experience of the game in a digital setting.

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