All-Time Hit Movies Featuring Gambling and Casino Image

All-Time Hit Movies Featuring Gambling and Casino

By Film Threat Staff | March 22, 2020

If you are a true fan of gambling then there are some best gambling movies that you will like the most. Though there are so many movies based on gambling, it is tough to categorize all but here in this article, we are choosing some best one. These movies cover a pretty broad variety of ‘casino-related subjects’– some of the movies are based on Top US online casinos such as

Players who use often watch films about online casinos, this is a good opportunity for them to gain even more experience for their personal game.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

The excellent movie based on biographical gambling, the lovingly-named Stuey features Michael Imperioli playing Stu Ungar, a high roller famous for being the just player of poker to ever win three WSOP major Event tournaments. The spectacle of A.W Vidmer is no top-octane thriller but proves the breakdown of a man that once had the whole thing. The movie shows the entire life of a gambler, from starting to end, portraying the profligate highs and rotten lows. Ultimately, losing some of their money on horses, Stu’s meteoric story upsurge to the top of the casino world and then theatrical fall is as overwhelming as it is amusing.

The Cooler

Popular William H. Macy performs an uncommon character in the movie of Wayne Kramer. According to the title, Macy is the ‘cooler’– a man whose luck is very poor that casinos use him to stance at the punter’s table on hot streaks. Exclusive of fail, their luck transforms and the house edge of casino is restored. Though once own fortunes of the cooler change, he unexpectedly finds himself being the blessed charm of each gambler in Vegas – a lot to the humiliation of the casinos which use him. An entertaining premise which is supported by excellent central performance, it is a wonderful insight into the superstitions of casino gambling and the idea of luck.


However not concentrated on casino gambling or online gambling, Seabiscuit informs the delightful story of a jockey’s, a horse’s and a trainer’s rise from rags to riches. Understand that Jeff Bridges performs a miserable specific down on their luck but with one feasible redeeming feature in their life; Seabiscuit, a useless horse found by a trainer – cowboy (Chris Cooper). On the other hand, Tobey Maguire performs the improbable jockey that goes on to steer Seabiscuit to different victories in one of the excellent underdog stories of the 20th century. It is all about as stirring a real story as you will find somewhere.


Containing a young Matt Damon, Rounders is the story of a businessperson that pays for their university fees by win jackpot at the table of poker. The movie is full of popular faces, with Edward Norton and John Malkovich even making appearances. The film’s showdown concludes in a stunning high stakes game, along with Malkovich performing the uncontrollable poker baron that Damon has to try as well as defeat. The movie is performed along by amazing performances – Norton, in specific, is spectacular – and true representations of poker policy and table banter that some other gambling films render so effectively.

The Gambler

Appropriately named, The Gambler informs the tale of a professor working in university (performed by a convincing James Caan), that has a habit for the casino. As the movie moves on, we can see the character of Caan plunge into self-obliteration and their mental state turns into progressively precarious. As their borrowing turns not gradually worse and their requirement need for thrills lurks to risk their lives, the movie builds to a stable crescendo as well as a brilliant climax. It is one for the purists of gambling that would be able to classify regularly along with the character on screen. It even serves as a very severe warning next to addiction – of any type.

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