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Marvel is now really dominating the world’s film industry! In the past 10 years, Marvel Studios dominated the world’s film market with its classic characters such as Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man or Captain America to less familiar characters like Black Panther and Winter Soldier. Each series of the franchise is able to attract millions of eyes to watch and make millions of dollars in profits.

What’s the secret?

For many observers, the secret of Marvel Studios’ success is how they were able to showcase their creativity and uniqueness in each series without leaving the old format held by the franchise from the beginning. Some films were made with the inclusion of comedy elements without making them look like pure comedy films. They also chose a few of young directors with fresh new ideas without making them lose their orientation to the original concepts of Marvel Studios.

Marvel infiltrated into the world of online gambling

Undoubtedly, online gambling is a billion-dollar business growing day by day thanks to the widespread use of mobile devices in almost all parts of the world. Mobile devices really change our lives including our way to gamble and make lots of money in a short time. The gambling industry is one industry with high adaptation to change. Marvel, on the one hand, captures this natural characteristic and some famous icons have been featured as online slot themes. Some of them are Hulk, Daredevil and X-Men.

The connection between Disney and the online gambling industry

Disney has a very close connection with the world of children but its relationship with the world of gambling can’t be denied. 9 years ago, the giant company bought Marvel Entertainment Company followed by the purchase of all rights to Lucas Film and thus had the main rights in relation to the infiltration of several Marvel and Star Wars characters into the world of online gambling. This company really spread its wings quite aggressively. However, Disney’s trip on the online gambling path didn’t seem to run smoothly.

Disney has decided not to continue

Disney didn’t seem to feel comfortable reinforcing characters other than what they really created. Instead of raising characters like Hulk and Daredevil, they actually used the characters to further popularize Disney’s classic characters.

Decision to withdraw

Many fans hoped that Disney can continue its work in the online gambling world but their hopes didn’t come true because the company decided to stop it. They had a conflict of interest between Disney’s original brand as an entertainment provider for children with the potential profits on gambling world. Orlando Walt Disney World is a Disney attraction with no less than 50 million visitors every year. Of course adding more casinos to the landscape will ruin the initial concept of the amusement park and make Disney enter into hundreds of millions of dollars of gambling with the risk of losing most of what they have struggled for decades. Some improvements in the gambling sector had eroded much of their income in other sectors and Disney officials didn’t want to continue the trend.

The world of gambling, no matter how it is developed with special themes, still has certain stereotypes that lead to negative judgments. Infiltration of film characters and even those who are close to the world of children is still possible but must be better packaged to prevent losses in other sectors.

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