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6 Movie-Themed Free Vegas Slots You Should Try

By Film Threat Staff | December 22, 2020

From Terminator 2, Superman, and Frankenstein to Casino Royale, Aliens, Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones, your favorite blockbuster movies, and TV shows have found their way into the world of online slot games.

If you’ve always wanted to give Vegas slots a try but never did, perhaps these movie-themed free Vegas slots will help to change your mind. First of all, you can play these slots at the online casino of your choice. 

They allow you to immerse yourself in the adventure, revisit the characters and the worlds you love so much, and so much more. The best thing about it – you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or spend a dime to enjoy yourself. Let’s see the top 6 movie-themed Vegas slots you should try for free.

Ace Ventura

Remember the story about the most famous Pet Detective? If you’re a fan of Ace Ventura, it’s time to take things to a whole new level. This classic movie is now available as an online slot game. The game comes with 5 reels and includes all the best scenes from the film, as well as other bonuses and rewards to keep you playing. 

There are new opportunities with each spin. Trigger different features to unlock new achievements and enjoy the top visuals and fantastic soundtrack that greatly compliments the gameplay. The more you spin, the more the prizes keep coming and earn you a range of different, lucrative bonuses. 

If you prefer a different gameplay with a healthy dose of excitement, Ace Ventura should be your option number one. If you want to discover more super fun slots online, head over to Slotomania for more free Vegas slots.

Casino Royale

The world’s most famous secret agent with a license to kill is back in action once again. The always ready and effortlessly cool 007 is bent on saving the world and the girl from the evil mastermind’s clutches.

Casino Royale free slot game takes you on a ride of your life. You are the top-secret agent searching for your lost previous Bond. You’ll have all your usual toys and gadgets, as well as your secret identity. Martini is shaken, not stirred, so let the reels start spinning. 

There are five reels, all filled with top bonuses and worthy prizes. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’re in for the most exciting slot time. Even if you’re not a fan of Bond movies, this is still one of the most thrilling slot games around. 

The graphics are stunning, and there are many elements from the movie along the way. The storyline is also cleverly designed to help the player immerse themselves even more in the gameplay. Spin the reels and don’t let the danger wait. If you need more slot excitement, HouseofFun Slots are all you need.


5 reels and 20 paylines across 3 rows are the first things that come to mind when we mention Frankenstein slots. The game’s free spins mode is packed with top features, top symbols, and additional incentives to keep the player engaged. The player has all the options to fully personalize the gameplay using all the available features. What makes this slot so interesting is the fact that there is always something going on. 

Aside from the usual platforms like Mac, Linux, and Windows, the game is also available on mobile devices such as iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, and Android, to make sure mobile players don’t miss the chance of having some fun.  The game has flexible betting options, tons of fantastic bonuses and rewards, and excellent gameplay, all complemented with top graphics and outstanding audio effects. Step into the world of Frankenstein and let the hunt begin. 

Terminator 2

There isn’t a single person in this world who doesn’t know about Terminator 2, one of the biggest and most famous blockbuster movies in film history. Well, it’s time to take a walk in the famous cyborg’s shoes. This free Vegas slot allows you to score a payoff in 243 ways. 

The game doesn’t include standard playlines and offers very diverse gameplay. The 5 reels, bonus games, free spins, jackpots, top visuals, and audio effects, and an immersive storyline will keep you glued to the action at all times. The slot also captures the very essence of the movie by tossing in characters and video clips from the movie.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park really changed the game when it was released. Its incredible stunts, outstanding graphics, likable characters, and top storyline made it such a success that it was. Well, this free slot offers 5-round free spins with mystery multipliers, running wilds, and special features. The best thing about it is the randomly triggered T-Rex Alert feature that adds to the gameplay. 


Even though the first Superman movie was so long ago, the Superman slot game is more popular today than ever before. The game offers top features, bonuses, free spins, and more rides than you can count. Each spin on the five reels gives you a chance to win more spins, unlock new features from the movie, and embark on different quests. 

The best thing about this slot game – if you play hard and long enough, Superman shows up and takes time backward, allowing you to play all over again. Simply visit an online casino of your liking and play the Superman slot game for free. If you’re worried about your privacy and security, don’t be, online casinos have a way of protecting the players. Go here to read more about it.

There are many other top free Vegas slots out there, but these 6 are among the best of the best. Give them a spin and enjoy the fact that you can immerse yourself in your favorite movies without spending a dime.

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