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5 Novel-Inspired Hollywood Movies To Watch In 2021

By Film Threat Staff | September 14, 2021

A few good Hollywood movies that have won our hearts and Oscars were from good novels written by acclaimed authors. Many novels have proved challenging for the Directors and scriptwriters to change into full-fledged movies, but they could do justice somewhere. Most of these movies served as the companion to these novels like Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter Series, Casino Royale, and much more. 

Like, the Casino Royale novel by Ian Fleming and his 12 blockbuster books were produced into movies. This movie was admired not only by James Bond fans but by casino fans too. Casinos have come too far, whereby players can play casino in live mode or bet on live sports just from the comfort of their homes. People can play live sports, poker games, and many advanced slot games too.

Without wasting time, let’s dig in a few movies based on novels that are worth a watch and are streaming in 2021. 


The movie has been officially on-air since February 19, 2021, and the novel also has the same title. Jessica Bruder wrote Nomadland. The movie has won the Academy Award for the Best Picture, and Chloe Zhao won the award for the Best Director. This film revolves around the nomad, namely Frances McDormand, who leaves her hometown and travels to the US after the demise of her husband.  The book also depicts the underbelly tale of the American Economy that is dark and shows the survival mode.

Without Remorse

The movie and the book have the same name, and Tom Clancy writes it. This is a spin-off from the ‘Jack Ryan’ movie series. Moreover, it depicts the story of a former Navy SEAL. He becomes operative by the CIA and realizes that he is being set up in some giant conspiracy. Michael B. Jordan has worked hard to bring to life the morally complicated character of Mr. Clark, played by actor John Kelly who is looking forward to avenging the tragic death of his wife.


The science fiction and intriguing movie, Infinite, released on June 10, 2021, is the adaptation of Dr. Eric Maikranz’s book ‘The Reincarnationist Papers.’ The lead star is Mark Wahlberg, who will play the role of Evan McCauley. The movie shows how a man gets hallucinations later discovered to be glimpsed from his past lives. He goes on to find the secret society where the members can secretly recall their past lives.

Those Who Wish Me Dead

This movie, released on May 14, 2021, has the same title as the novel written by Michael Koryta. The film revolves around the brutal murder thriller that witnesses a teen boy named Jace Wilson. The twin assassins who committed the murder are on the lookout for Jace. There are scenes of mountains burning and from the wilderness program. The movie is directed by Taylor Sheridan and watches the return of actress Angelina Jolie as an isolated ‘ex-firefighter.’ The thriller movie and the book are already reigning at the top.

French Exit

Released on February 12, 2021, the movie had the same name as the novel French Exit. The film is based on the novel written by best-selling author Patrick DeWitt. Lucas Hedge and Michelle Pfeiffer play the mother-son duo, where they go on an adventure trip throughout Paris and spend the last dime Michelle has inherited from her husband. This movie has already got positive reviews from the viewers, as the film has brought the spirit of France alive. 

So, if you have already read the novel from the acclaimed authors and want to see the visual presentation, go ahead with these top movies. You can watch them on the OTT platforms with your friends and family while spending a great weekend.

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