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5 Best Movie Proposal Scenes in Cinematic History

By Film Threat Staff | July 30, 2019

We all love a good marriage proposal, especially in movies. Grab a tissue and check out our list of the top five movie proposal scenes in cinematic history.

Romantic comedies have the power to boost our hormone levels. They have us crying, laughing, and cheering for the couple to finally get together. The best romantic comedies seem to always end with a tear-jerking proposal scene. After all, who doesn’t need a healthy dose of classic romance combined with our favorite Hollywood celebrities? So, which movies make the cut for the best on-screen proposal? Here are the top 5 movie proposal scenes in cinematic history.  

1. The Wedding Singer

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore won the hearts of America with this film. This is due to their acting out one of the sweetest proposal scenes of all time. The movie plot follows a sweet woman stuck in a bad relationship. She ends up heading to Vegas to marry the wrong man. But Sandler intervenes and gets on the plane to confess his love. He writes her a song filled with his true feelings about growing old with her. Then he sings it to her on the airplane, with the help of Billy Idol. It’s one of the most romantic scenes in movies. Of course, he wins her over and good triumphs evil when she picks him. This one will bring tears to your eyes and get Sandler’s song stuck in your head for days. 

2. Love Actually 

This movie has become a seasonal favorite. As many people rewatch it every Christmas due to its hit soundtrack and cast of characters. The movie gets filled with many stories of love, including one of the best movie proposals. It involves Colin Firth’s growing infatuation with his Portuguese-speaking housekeeper. Yet, their language barrier means nothing in the face of true love. In the end, he proposes to her using a bad portrayal of the Portuguese language. She answers back in her own broken English, telling him she will marry him.  

3. Sex and the City 

When HBO took its hit show to the big screen, it made millions. It remains one of the top highest-grossing romantic comedies in history. It features one of the most anticipated movie proposals for lovers of the show. Carrie goes on to face Mr. Big’s back and forth commitment issues for much of the movie. Yet, he finally gets down on one knee to pop the question to Carrie (again). This happens in the gorgeous remodeled closet of their old apartment. He calls her the love of his life while bending on his knee.

4. Leap Year

Amy Adams thinks she has her love life all figured out. Only to find out her true love is someone else, played by heartthrob Matthew Goode. Amy ends up breaking off her engagement to her not-right boyfriend. Then she heads back to Ireland to reunite with Goode and confess her true feelings. Startled by her confession he leaves without saying anything, but it isn’t over. The ending scene makes for an amazing movie wedding proposal. He finds her on the coast of Ireland then gets down on his knee to propose.  

5. He’s Just Not That Into You

Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck’s story steals the show here. She wants marriage.  But he doesn’t, despite his being in love with her.  She ends up breaking it off with him because of his views on marriage. Long story short, he comes back into her life to propose. He hides the ring box in a pair of cargo pants that she hates. He has her find the ring then proposes.   This is one of the more realistic movie proposal scenes. It’s ideal for movie buffs who want to reenact a simple scene using the perfect Emerald diamonds rock.

These movie proposal scenes are sure to elicit all sorts of emotions. So, be sure to grab the tissues before you watch. Looking for more on the best cinematic movie scenes? Subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest on new film features. 

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