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Internet is a great resource and, at the same time, a vulnerable place. Why? As people are more inclined to shop and search for information on the web, it has become a treasure trove of information for cyberthieves. Today, if you tap on a link, you may be stepping into a wormhole that might take everything from you, including your personal information and financial gains.

As data privacy and security of online users is at stake all the time, it has raised many questions like:

  • Who controls the internet?
  • Is the user data safe online?
  • Why are cyberattacks growing day by day?

And more! These questions have allured many studios around the world to produce movies based on the concept of cybersecurity, data privacy, and security. Let’s have a brief overview of some of the best movies that elaborate on the concept of data privacy and security.

The Great Hack

You may not have watched this movie, but you must have heard of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s Founder) being testifying in front of the US Congress in April 2018. The two-hour-long documentary “The Great Hack” was based on a scandal revolving around the UK-based firm Cambridge Analytica.

The documentary exposed the firm for using Facebook to collect personal user data without their consent. The sole motive of this was political advertising. Moreover, the 2018 case went so severe that Facebook’s founder had to testify in front of the US Congress. So, you don’t know if your data is safe on Facebook or not.

Enemy of the State

Quality: 2nd Generation

The 1998 action-packed movie portrays a modern-day life of a person who accidentally gets his hands on a videotape. The tape serves as potential evidence of the murder of a congressman by some NSA agents.

The film’s core crux is that the lead actor Will Smith is constantly tracked and chased by the government officials to get that tape from him. The film serves as a great embodiment of cybersecurity, data breach, and digital footprints that a user leaves on the web. And how these can be leveraged to get things done by the government. Thus, raising the question of what if you are being monitored right now by technologically advanced government satellites.


Snowden is a thriller cut that portrays the brave activities of a hacker, Edward Snowden. After being disillusioned from the NSA programs he was involved in, the renowned hacker flees from his job and later leaks NSA programs’ classified information.

The leaks about NSA revealed that they have collaborated with the telecom firms and European government in multiple global surveillance programs. These disclosures led to various global discussions on personal privacy and national security.

The Social Dilemma

Unlike other social media-based movies, the Social Dilemma paints a great picture of the use of user data for questionable gains by social media channels. The film discloses the behind-the-scenes activities that include the usage of personal user information for manipulating political results, conspiracy theories, and more.

Apart from this, the movie also warns the users about its impact on people’s mental health.  Further, describing how social media can be improved for good.

Terms and Conditions May Apply

How many of you seriously read the terms and conditions page? Many of us don’t even care for even looking at it. The reason is clear, it is super lengthy, complicated, and poorly drafted. This is what makes firms like Google, Facebook, and others leverage your information to the fullest.

The movie “Terms and Conditions May Apply” is based on the same concept. The film explores the smart way of firms like Google and Facebook drafting length and user-unfriendly privacy policies and selling them to third parties. Moreover, the film also warns the users not to tap on the “Agree” button after going through the misguided terms and conditions document.

Think about the fact that you have clicked on numerous “I Agree” buttons without even reading the policy. Surely, some or more of your data could be compromised.

Minority Report

The 2002 film starring Tom Cruise has been made on a brilliant and out of the box concept. Basically, it depicts a future precisely 2054, where police departments know when a person will commit a crime and is being arrested way before they commit it. The movie takes a twisted turn when a policeman himself gets accused of a future murder.

Other than that, the movie focuses on the use of advanced technology like iris scanners to get hands-on the user’s biometric data. This raises a question on the security of our biometric parameters and if they are safe in the hands of our government.

Where can you watch these movies?

Here are the platforms where you can watch these movies:

  1. The Great Hack: Netflix
  2. Enemy of the State: Amazon Prime
  3. Snowden: Amazon Prime
  4. The Social Dilemma: Netflix
  5. Terms and Conditions May Apply: Amazon Prime
  6. Minority Report: Netflix

You may experience geo-blocks when attempting to watch some of these movies. For that, you can use a VPN for streaming. It masks your IP address after you connect to a server, pinpointing to a different location. Hence, you can always stay in touch with your favorite shows or movies, even when traveling abroad. 

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