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3 Hollywood Stars Who Love to Gamble

By Film Threat Staff | February 28, 2024

Read about three successful Hollywood stars who are famous for their passion for casinos. It is no secret that the Hollywood world teases those on the pedestal of fame with its lures. Gambling is one of them. Nothing stops stars who have money and fame from diving deep into the exciting world of gambling. Here, we will talk about the most famous people not only for their acting talent but also for their gambling skills.

Ben Affleck – Master of Blackjack

Ben Affleck, a famous actor, screenwriter and film director, used to frequently visit Las Vegas casinos and was even banned from one of them. 

In the late 1990th, Ben Affleck discovered a new hobby for himself. Young and successful, the actor started exploring Blackjack as a hobby, which later became his main source of excitement. Ben says, “If I try something, I am gonna be good at it”. This is how Blackjack became a significant part of his life. Soon, in 2000, the star won $140,000 playing 21 at the Hard Rock Casino with his friend Matt Damon, one more gambling fan. Four years later, Ben won the California State Poker Championship and prize money of $350,000.

However, his probably most famous appearance in the casino was in 2014, when he was banned from his favourite Hard Rock Casino. Then, in May, Ben Affleck entered a casino and sat on the Blackjack table. Maintaining a surprising success, dealers got suspicious of him and accused him of counting cards. Although counting cards in the game isn’t illegal, it is highly unwelcome in casinos.

After that incident, rumours about Ben’s addiction started spreading, but the actor himself denied it, saying that he never bets but is only a big fan of Blackjack.

Brad Pitt – Fan of Slots

No need to be a cinematography expert to know who Brad Pitt is. The celebrity gained an interest in gambling while making the sensational “Ocean’s Eleven”. 

The movie was filmed in the casino capital, Las Vegas. Brad Pitt first got a taste for slot machines, later started exploring a bit of Poker and Blackjack and taking risks at Roulette. The star hasn’t been involved in any scandals and can’t be called a pro, unlike the previous celebrity, which leads us to the conclusion that slot machines and online pokies are just a hobby for Brad Pitt. 

Pamela Anderson – From Poker Opponent to Wife

American-Canadian model and actress Pamela Anderson became one of the lucky ones who gambling led to happiness. Blinded by fame and fabulous fees, Pamela tried gambling and found a way to relax and have fun. One night in 2007, the celeb managed to lose a whole quarter of a million dollars in Las Vegas playing poker against a famous player, Rick Salomon. These two had a long story of friendship, but that night moved their relationship to another level. Rick made an offer to Pamela to wipe her debt if she makes out with him. After that, Anderson made a joke, “I paid off a poker debt with sexual favours and fell in love”. 

Since then, Pamela Anderson hasn’t been seen in casinos or maybe just keeps her passion hidden in numerous online casinos.

As you can see, the net of casinos can swallow everyone. Famous and successful people seek entertainment and relaxation there. And while some of them gamble responsibly and truly relax in casinos, others lose everything and ruin their lives. 

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