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3 Funny Bingo Scenes in Movies and TV

By Film Threat Staff | August 20, 2020

While bingo has long been popular – especially in the UK and with a great number of bingo sites around for you to choose from which can be discovered at www.bingosites.net, what many people do not realise is how often it features in films and as such this has even helped open up the game to a number of different demographics, though the spread of awareness.

Over the years, there have been a number of different titles that have included at least one bingo scene , many of them often being funny. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular funny bingo film scenes.

Big Momma’s House 2

This classic American comedy starring Hollywood actor Malcolm Turner as FBI agent, turned ‘Big Momma’ while working undercover features one of the most memorable bingo scenes which arguably depicts every bingo player’s worst nightmare. Walking into a bingo hall with a child under his care, the child ‘Carrie’ shouts out bingo two times after hearing a couple of numbers called. The players turn around in annoyance despite the fact that it is a young child and Big Momma has an embarrassed look on her face to which she has to explain to ‘Carrie’ that you don’t call out bingo unless you have bingo.

Better Call Saul

In a funny attempt to try and get more clients, eccentric lawyer Saul Goodman becomes a bingo caller in what could be better known as a midlife meltdown. While on stage reading out the numbers, he goes off onto a depressing tangent to the audience’s confused annoyance. Perhaps at one stage not even realising where he is until a man at one of the tables asks ‘excuse me, are you going to call the next one?


One would think that having a bingo scene in a typically action themed film where the main protagonist is a crazy killer, is something that is highly irregular. And, indeed it would be, however there is an element of almost dark comedy in this. Walking into a bingo game in his full body suit, equipped with guns, none of the players notice him or even look up.

He even walks around the tables and does what he can to try and get other peoples attention before walking up to the food kiosk. Much to the surprise of the nervous server he asks for the ‘best sandwich’ they had and an ice tea. Despite his annoyance about the sandwich the server let’s him have it for free (he had two guns after all!). He then walks up to the bingo caller and takes one of the balls and bounces it off one of the tables with the bingo caller being stern about his actions (brave woman!).

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