27 Vehicle Maintenance Lessons from 27 Films Image

What can films teach us about vehicle breakdowns? Film buffs are familiar with at least one iconic car breakdown scene. Unsurprisingly, horror and thriller movies make up almost half of the famous breakdowns in films such as Zombieland and The Purge: Anarchy. Whether it’s a burst tire that brings a road trip to a halt or the car that becomes suspiciously low on fuel, there is certainly something to be learned from every Hollywood-style disaster.

While it’s generally the car chases that gain recognition in films, it’s the valuable maintenance lessons that we can learn from vehicle breakdowns that’ll really help save the day. Halfords Autocentres have put together this infographic of 27 lessons to help you stay on top of your car maintenance inspired by 27 of the top films featuring iconic car breakdowns.

What can films teach us about vehicle breakdowns?


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