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Hollywood stars have always been trendsetters. The designer clothing they wear on red carpets influence how we dress, the products they endorse boost sales on a global level and a new study shows that when actresses with unique names have breakout movie roles, the number of baby girls born in the U.S. with that same name increases dramatically.

For example, since Scarlett Johansson became famous, the number of baby girls named Scarlett increased by 26-times and the name Mila increased 78-times since Mila Kunis’ career took off. Here are some more compelling facts.

Cameron Diaz

·  1990, 317 baby girls were named Cameron.

·  1998: Starred in “There’s Something About Mary” and that number grew to 1,565.

Scarlett Johansson

·  2000: 227 baby girls were named Scarlett.

·  2009: Starred in “He’s Just Not That into You” and that number grew to 1,920

·  2014: Starred in “Captain America” and that number grew to 5,998.

 Mila Kunis

·  1998, 61 baby girls named as she acted in “That 70’s Show” alongside husband Ashton Kutscher

·  2011: Reunited with Kutscher in “Friend’s with Benefits” and the number grew to 1,798.

·  2016: Starred in Bad Moms, number grew to 4,802 or 78-times higher than in 1998.

Check out more facts and details on the Names.org site.

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