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By Emma Marssy | August 29, 2012

I’m a Lolita. There, I said it.

I’ve been fascinated by Lolita fashion since way back in the day when I would join Japanese LiveJournal communities and drool over the pretty dresses.

I have a really hard time identifying with Lolita culture, though. Sex is so taboo within it, Lolitas HATE when fetishism and sex is brought into their circles. I think that is f*****g ridiculous. Doll culture is also similar. Collecting and modifying dolls is an adult hobby, so why is it considered so creepy when fetishism is brought into the mix?

This week, I watched a documentary by Marc de Guerre called Perfect Fake, about the “dark” side of doll culture. The movie uses tons of shocking imagery that give an unsettling view of sex dolls and computer-generated, hyper-realistic simulations of sex. Without taking a side officially, I found that they focused more on how “bizarre” fetishism around inanimate objects is and less on how happy and fulfilled the consumers are by embracing their kink.

I’ve always been fascinated by Real Dolls and dollification fetishes. I think they’re awesome. I love when a hobby of mine can be brought into my life as a fetishist. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with it, and I sure as hell don’t think its creepy.

Lolita and doll culture alike are always grouped into things like pedophilia and other weird illegal s**t. Age play isn’t pedophilia, the two are extremely separate, and I’ve never met an ageplayer who condones the actual bringing of children into sexual acts. It’s between consenting adults and I think that’s totally cool.

There’s a saying in the kink world- Your Kink is Not My Kink. It basically means don’t be an a*****e and judge people for what they’re into just because YOU aren’t into it. Doll and Lolita culture can learn a lot from that.

Just because my kink is not your kink doesn’t mean I’m a freak.

Emma Marssy is a 22-year old, seemingly innocent sadomasochist whose primary interest include flesh hooks and rope suspension. She lives in Toronto where she hosts and attends various fetish parties and is quite visible in the kink scene. She is a professional submissive and smut seller at a private local dungeon. She is a self-proclaimed poet (which means f**k you), and an angry feminist.

She spends most of her time watching movies, listening to obnoxious chick rock, drawing, trying to not be an a*****e and lots of other boring s**t.

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