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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | August 8, 2007

Well, a lot has progressed, particularly in the field of past myths, rumors, and theories, and as nothing new has developed, I just thought I’d post the rumors that have now been debunked or heavily regarded as false.

  • The license plate website that was regarded as a viral site has now been officially proven as a fan website that has posted a public apology to those who assumed it was part of the viral campaign.
  • The website Ethan Haas was right has also been proven to be nothing more than an online game that marketed on the 1-18-08 craze. There’s officially no Ethan Haas. I told you many of my theories would probably be disproved, or torn to shreds, and the Ethan Haas theory is now officially closed.
  • The theory of the monster appearing in or around the fire has been in heavy debate for a while, with website receiving heavy criticism and hooplah about the claims of the monster’s face appearing in the flames of the skyline which has been determined by many as mere matrixing.
  • It’s old news now, but three obviously bogus movie posters, one of which featured the supposed shape of the monster appeared on the net very briefly and have now been wiped off before anyone could realize. Though very convincing, these posters were obvious frauds from the get go.
  • The new theory floating around is that the film codenamed “Cloverfield” will actually be named “Overnight.” Which is supposed to describe the length of time the monster attacks take place, and how it changes the lives of the characters in this time. Though heavily rumored, it’s yet to be confirmed.
  • The MySpace Profiles from the characters are now being regarded as more parts of the puzzle. As of now, I’m in agreement. Others suspect these profiles are clues, as well as attempts to add depth to these characters before the movie arrives. If so, it’s rather genius.

    What we learn from these profiles so far:
    1. They each have surveys, presumably for clues, and to give us a better idea of who these people are.
    2. Water is a prevalent setting in the pictures on the profiles. Particularly in an eerie picture in Lily Ford’s profile.
    3. The New York landscape including large views of skyscrapers are also prevalent.
    4. There’s a reference to Slusho in Rob’s profile.
    5. All the profiles reside in NY, obviously.
    6. Hudson Platt’s profile features a picture of a large skyscraper skyline with a small sign of the misspelled Chicago as Chicao.

Beyond, there simply hasn’t been a new website that has appeared just yet, nor has anyone come across a new bit of information beyond ambiguous MySpace pages that are still boiling before the inevitable release date, and obviously theories including the ones posed here.

Posters are appearing often, more theories with no answers continue, and until something brand new and exciting appears, the Cloverfield Investigation will be waiting in the wings.

Stick with Film Threat for more 1-18-08 news, and fill us in on any new discoveries or concrete evidence and we’ll be sure to run it; I’ll keep an eye out on those MySpace pages. The Cloverfield Investigation continues…

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  1. BonK says:

    I’ve found that the creation dates on some of the MySpace profiles do not jibe with the blog postings of the characters. Many blog posts appear to have been made prior to the sign-up date that appears on some of their blog pages. I’ve got a list here but it doesn’t include the two latest blogs —

  2. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    “Here’s a question. How many clues can we find from the characters’ Myspace pages?”

    So far, I’ve found nothing, but I’ll keep looking.

  3. Joe says:

    What is the monsters motivation? Lost whale Yoshida(+ OR -)ALIEN INTERVENTION(+ or – MUTATION) = Monster. The explosion could be caused by her throwing an oil tanker or aliens and most likely won’t be explained. Maybe she needs a warm place to lay her offspring. She is carrying an airborne parasitic virus which is released from her blood as a matrix into the air looking for a host or she is hermaphroditic and releases spores. I draw my conclusions from the smoke and soldier pics and the monstrous poster.
    The spores are ingested and begin to work on the hand, turning it into a parasite that proceeds to eat your body alive.

  4. Timmy B. says:

    Here’s a question. How many clues can we find from the characters’ Myspace pages?

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