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A Good Couple

By Ali Arkani | September 19, 2021

DANCES WITH FILM 2021 REVIEW! Written and directed by Robert Gregson, A Good Couple is a short film about fear and moral ambiguity. A couple is spending their anniversary at a cabin in the woods. But, unfortunately, things aren’t as smooth as they should be between Dan (Alex Mandell) and Julia (Julie Ann Earls), and he leaves the house after a fight. Bursting into tears, she wishes that things could change and their life could be filled with love once again.

The next day, Dan returns a changed man. Now, he is a caring and sensible person, but Julia senses that something is wrong. She later realizes that he is a doppelganger, a supernatural being. Would Julia rather live with a fake yet much better version of her significant other? Or does she want to find the original, much more intolerable one?

“…Dan returns a changed man…Julia senses that something is wrong.”

A Good Couple is perfect in every sense. As an exercise in horror, the audience feels suspense and empathy while also facing a moral dilemma. Although short films are more about living the experience rather than enjoying the story, Gregson manages to incorporate the classical three-act arc, making the film an entertaining 13 minutes. The ending is open for interpretation which makes it a valuable work of art. It’s up to the audience to decide the answer to the question discussed earlier. I am still wondering about the right choice.

A Good Couple is more than a short film. It’s a question that every couple should consider. Gregson manages to fully realize his idea and make the audience feel the gravity of the situation. Mandell and Earls are ideally suited to their roles, compelling viewers to feel every strained emotion along with their characters.

A Good Couple screened at the 2021 Dances With Films.

A Good Couple (2021)

Directed and Written: Robert Gregson

Starring: Julie Ann Earls, Alex Mandell, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

A Good Couple Image

"…an entertaining 13 minutes."

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