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Strategies Behind the Screen: The Personalities Powering Live Slot Streams

By Film Threat Staff | February 23, 2024

The streaming industry constantly evolves, and one of the biggest communities gravitates around casino streamers. It is fascinating how fast this niche has grown in a short period. Today, we will analyse how these Twitch slots streamers keep their viewers engaged, what subscribers love to see in their streams, and how big this industry is in terms of revenue.

So, are you ready to find out who some of the most successful slot/casino streamers are? Let’s meet them and see why people prefer to watch them risk huge amounts of money.


We are starting with the most controversial streamer on our top. In his good days, Trainwreckstv would have more than 1.2 million followers on Twitch, but after some unfortunate events, he decided to leave this platform behind. But we are not here to discuss that. We want to know how platforms like SlotsCalendar could benefit from collaborating with this streamer, how many people would watch Trainwreckstv daily, and how profitable it is.

Well, we will not give you any casino names, but we know that Trainwreck`s audience was so big and loyal that it made this guy a fortune in less than two years. On average, Trainwreckstv would earn more than $30,000 per hour. In 16 months, he would earn $360 million from gambling and slot streams.

Why was Trainwreckstv successful: Most people know him from his Among Us streams, charisma, and funny attitude, which means he already had a big audience before he started streaming slot games.


We are switching to YouTube to a channel with way lower numbers, CasinoDaddy. This YouTube channel has less than 100.000 subscribers, but we are looking at their activity because we might learn how this slot streaming industry works.

First of all, the channel is owned by three brothers from Sweden. They are constantly doing live streams and uploading videos. They are known in the YouTube community for their $10,000 giveaways. They started the channel seven years ago. The primary income for CasinoDaddy is not AdSense or subscribers but the affiliate partnerships they sustain by promoting gambling and casino services.

Even if it is hard to compare this channel with Trainwreckstv`s career, we want to point out that even for casino streaming content, you need dedication, and this is the reason behind CasinoDaddy`s success.

Why is CasinoDaddy successful: Thanks to the production value and the three hosts, the channel is live at least 14 hours a day, seven days a week.


Roshtein is one of the most natural and legit streamers who enjoy playing casino games. It takes a lot to be successful in the industry. Roshtein has approximately 1 million followers on Twitch; he is also Swedish and, in our opinion, the most enjoyable steamer to watch if you are a slot enthusiast.

He was also involved in controversies, bringing him some attention and followers. One of the best live moments from his shows is when he won a Є2.5 million jackpot playing Fruit Party. It definitely motivates you to start spinning those reels if you see those numbers on a screen.

Roshtein loves to play Gates of Olympus and Chilli Heat.

Why is Roshtein successful? One of the key characteristics Roshtein does uniquely is his betting strategy. This man will always go big with maximum bets and high adrenaline streams, which makes the show intense and funny.

Our last words

The casino streaming industry might be controversial and criticised, but it is full of adrenaline and winnings and can generate huge profits. However, it is tough to grow a big community only by doing slots. Channels like CasinoDaddy are still trying to reach the 100.000 mark on YouTube while streamers like Trainwreckstv can earn way more by switching to casino streaming when the audience is already there.

Nonetheless, we always advise you to play responsibly and never chase your losses. Bet for fun or don’t do it at all.

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