Discussing Diane with Producer Oren Moverman

"I am really serious when I say I don’t know what filmmaking is anymore. Everything is changing."

Actors Sabrina Kern and Carolyn Hennesy About Being Evil in St. Agatha

"If you get to come back up and have some fried chicken after a day of being evil, it kind of evens you out..."

Director Gus Van Sant on Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot

"...non-actors are easier to direct. They have nothing else to go on...actors are filtering what you say."

Mads Mikkelsen and Joe Penna for Arctic

" would survive. That’s something I wanted to do with this film, to show that this is just a normal guy..."

Symbolic Representation in Vladimir de Fontenay’s Mobile Homes

"...we needed to do casting with kids that had never acted before."

Rust Creek, FilmPowered with Director Jen McGowan

"I was studying acting I was actually training to be a director..."

Kenneth Branagh on the Personal Life of William Shakespeare

"...trying to find a degree of what you might call 'normality' in the life of Shakespeare..."

Talking Nona With Producer Kate Bosworth

"I hope that people will watch this film and be emboldened to help..."

Director Michael Peterson on Knuckleball and Michael Ironside

"...dealing with parental anxieties...every family has the secret stuff they try to hide, sometimes it comes back..."

Maureen Fan on Crow: The Legend

" Native American youth were...taught they couldn’t tell stories because they were considered pagan."

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