Terry Strauss director of …As If They Were Angels

"...its just incredible what human beings are capable of doing from the heart and from a sense of empathy..."

Juan Sebastian Baron Shooting Authentic for Searching

"...had to expend way more energy tracking of charging batteries and GoPro Wi-Fi passwords..."

Director Jason Smith Talks American Elections

" American elections are routinely under siege."

Original Star Wars Producer Gary Kurtz Speaks

"To go back years later and to change them, I think is probably a wrong philosophy..."

Aneesh Chaganty & Sev Ohanian from Searching

"...a very classic thriller told in a very unconventional way."

Pasha Patriki on Black Water and Van Damme

"...many qualified people...helped us to design good looking and realistic fights..."

Blindspotting: Blended Urban Musical Composition

"...when the film turns, the music turns with it."

Back Issue: I Like Spike: A Spike Lee Interview

"I think any artist, that's their role to stimulate and provoke..."

Director Lee Aronsohn on His Magic Music Documentary

"...we're all just looking to be found."

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