Paget Brewster is just plain hot. Paget Brewster in a bikini with a gun? Forget about it! Writer/director Augusta’s series of female secret agent shorts have been online and making the festival circuit for sometime. And there’s not a bad episode in the bunch. Agent 15 is played by leggy brunette Paget Brewster. She could kick James Bond in the balls – and he would like it.

While the scenarios for each episode play on secret agent clichés, the results are far from predictable. Okay, you can predict that items of clothing may go missing, but other than that, the episode wrap-ups are hysterical. And like a great tease, each one makes you want to see more.

What makes the Agent 15 shorts work is the attention to detail – from the wardrobe to the weapons to the gadgets to the dialog to the supporting cast who like they walked right out of central casting from the 1960s. While the Austin Powers films made light of James Bond spy films, Agent 15 revels as part tribute and updating of the concept. Agent 15 thrills in a way James Bond and Austin Powers can’t–because the lead attraction is a hot, female super spy. So, when do we get to see the Agent 15 feature?

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  1. Why in the world aren’t you selling new copies of this? Used ones are $75 on Amazon…..

    You’ve obviously got fans….let them buy from you…perhaps CreateSpace at Amazon?

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