Big Legend

Despite its prominence in American folklore, the Sasquatch hasn’t appeared much in film. 1987’s Harry and the Hendersons brought a friendly PG version of the creature to mass audiences, but sightings on celluloid have been few and far between just like Bigfoot. Its cousin, the Yeti, has popped up more often, taking the spotlight in 1957’s The Abominable Snowman, Paul Naschy’s 1975 Waldemar entry The Werewolf and the Yeti, the corny made-for-TV Snowbeast (1977) and even 1974’s oddball exploitation schlock Shriek of the Mutilated to name a few, leaving his Pacific Northwestern counterpart in the shadows. Recently, numerous reality TV shows have cropped up, claiming to search for the legendary creature alongside films like Eduardo Sánchez’s superbly intense Exists (2014) and Bobcat Goldthwait’s sadly misguided Willow Creek (2013). That’s about to change, however, with Justin Lee’s awesome, fun Big Legend.

Kevin Makely plays Tyler, a former Army Ranger who proposes to his longtime girlfriend Natalie (Summer Spiro) on a camping trip. They set up camp and things are going well until he’s drawn outside and she gets kidnapped by a large, running humanoid. One year later, Tyler leaves a psychiatric hospital and stays with his mother (Adrienne Barbeau), who encourages him to find the answer he’s been seeking. He returns to the forest and soon teams up with Eli (Todd A. Robinson), a local poacher with similar interests. Ultimately, they find their game with dire consequences.

“…Army Ranger who proposes to his longtime girlfriend…until she gets kidnapped by a large, running humanoid…”

For a film with an extremely limited cast and virtually no budget, it’s one hell of a ride. Makely nearly carries the film on his own, his character a lot like Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead without the corny speeches and poor decisions. As Eli, Robinson plays the perfect sidekick – a little off, but loyal and trusting to the end. Barbeau is excellent as always and there’s even a compelling performance from Lance Henriksen at the end, who sets up a sequel through his portrayal of a comic book-style kingpin determined to uncover the truth about what’s in the forest.

As for the monster, Big Legend delivers where most low-budget movies hide as much as they can to save money. You want Bigfoot? You got him in all his hairy, toothy glory. Additionally, director Lee does an excellent job of depicting action through a claustrophobic handheld camera, juxtaposing the great expanse of forest with the encapsulated experience of the main character.

Big Legend isn’t here to change your mind about politics or make you feel some deep emotion. This is pure mindless entertainment of the highest drive-in quality. Roger Corman should be proud.

Big Legend Directed by Justin Lee. Written by Justin Lee. Starring Kevin Makely, Todd A. Robinson, Summer Spiro, Adrienne Barbeau, Lance Henriksen, Amanday Wyss and Ashley Platz.

8 out of 10 stars

22 responses to “Big Legend

  1. Have to say I was just about ready to tear that guy a new one if he said ‘chief’ one more time….

  2. Agreed! Can’t wait for the sequel! This movie pushed every button the right way and the camera work, in two words, SUPERBLY EXECUTED! In fact I hope we do get to see a sequel, these film makers
    obvious talents may see them tapped for higher budget affairs before they get the chance. That would be SUPER unfortunate!

  3. Excellent film, just good solid entertainment, they better keep that dude in the sequel, he’s hell bent on taking em down. Intense thriller start to finish. Raw gritty, good acting good directing. I loved it. Good to see something squachy that was ligit.

  4. Dude awesome movie, delivered in everyway. Intense raw, well written and solid acting. What real entertainment in movies is supposed to be. Intense from start to finish, filming style put you in the film, solid emotion and adrenaline.

  5. Was a bunch horse shit, wanted bigfoot to win. Why wouldn’t the camera zoom in on bigfoot and why did bigfoot drop to his knees when shot when before he just ran away. Plus why did the dumbass with a broken leg take the biggest gun.

  6. I loved the movie and I can’t wait for the sequel. But there were some mistakes like the reflectors that were connected with the car battery but continued to work even after the car exploded.

  7. Hello!
    My name is Al Black from Pa.
    And Im going to search for this thing called Big Foot
    In SC along with a group of other friends of mine.
    Along with us will be a retired State Trooper.

  8. No nudity. I liked it. I don’t think it’s bad. It shows a few things that are a little bit rough. You might want to watch it first to see if your son can handle it. PG-13?

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